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Monday, June 29, 2009

Chick Update Part II

I'm having some problems uploading video, so I had to go back and make this one a two-parter.

Today was graduation day for the chicks. Hubby decided they were now big enough to venture into the big outside world. Problem is, chickens get used to one thing and don't want to change. Hubby opened up their access door and they all took turns looking out! One rooster sat with his feet on the edge of the door, but that's as far as he dared escape! Maybe tomorrow...

Chick Update

Well, I waited for Hubby to do the filming and it didn't happen... So today I donned my mask and venture inside the coop for a quick shot of the babies before they were turned out. (sorry about the shaky video... meds) They've really grown since you last saw them! The older hens that are laying have been moved to the small hen house so the babies could have the entire coop for themselves. It's a 10' x 20' house. Hubby recycled old playset ladders for the roosts.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


WARNING: Animal lovers who eat chicken... This is where they come from.

Remember the rooster you heard crowing in the background in one of my videos?

Well, he isn't crowing anymore... We had him for dinner tonight. It's only our second farm-fresh chicken. Still haven't got it right... He was a little tough but tasted much better than the first one.

Hubby's showing a little too much eyeball, but he's excited. I can't believe he's wearing this shirt! It says, 'The original wake up call."

Friday, May 29, 2009

life on the gravel lane

Sadie's favorite cat is Teddy Bear... she just doesn't know it yet! Ted B. adores Sadie. He was the runt and has a funny sound and wobbly walk. Anytime Sadie is around, Teddy wants to rub faces, but Sadie's favorite activity is finding Daddy. When she spots him coming up the lane and runs past the rooster's territory, he sounds his warning!