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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My New Husband...

The last twelve hours have been a joyous ride! (miracles-do-happen) The baby news sure helped my dry-eye problem and helped loosen my sinuses! Just what the doctor ordered ;)

I've already contacted Hubby's ex about our joint shower. She replied with smileys. Of course, I posted the news here and a link on Facebook. Oh no! I forgot MySpace. Be back in a minute...

OK, I'm back. Sorry, had a couple of comments to read. Anyway, back to Grampa...

Since we are a middle-age hook-up, I never got to experience Hubby's new daddy days. I'm beginning to think it was probably a lot more emo than the new daddy days I had. He is funny! You know, that cutesy funny that you don't expect from 'that kind of guy'. Oh, I know he's got that soft side. It shows with our four granddaughters. He loves them more than life itself, but those are 'my' daughter's children. He loves my daughter too, but it's just not the same. I was a gramma when we met. He had his children at an older age (not much) so his son Tim was just graduating high school about the time Grand #1 started school. By the time Tim married, Grand #2 danced with him at the wedding reception (and had a serious crush on the groom.)

Now it's 'blood'. That little boy that followed him around with the plastic mower, is becoming a father. And I love his reaction! Last night he was in the living room watching his MAN shows when I came out and mentioned her 'positive test' blog. wanna-hear-secret So there we were, both of us wiping our eyes again...

A little bit ago, he came in, sat down and said, "Good thing I got five of those coin cards," with a mile-wide grin. He has been saving coins for the Grands and, believing this would happen soon, started one for Baby Isabella/Brady too. Last night when the lottery numbers came on the local news, he declared that we needed to win it to help start a college fund. (Better be a big jackpot. That makes five college funds and counting!)

Yes, it's going to be a wonderful seven months!

Friday, May 29, 2009


This has been the most wonderful day! My step-son and daughter-in-law are one of the most got-it-together couples you'll ever meet. High school sweethearts, she waited for him to serve his country, then he came home to marry her. After enjoying a bit of married life alone, (and after being asked over and over again when they were going to have a baby) they decided to start a family. Then things went south...

At first it was a casual thing. "We're not on birth control anymore." Then it got more focused as time passed and nothing happened. Finally, it was time for some tests. One day she told us the doctor found a little hormone level problem and now that they took care of that she should get pregnant very soon! We were all so excited!

Time passed. Nothing happened. The road led to specialists, expensive drugs, uncomfortable procedures and insurance battles. Jessica was diagnosed with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). I know that many people wait for much longer periods, some never have success. But I still think that every day must have seemed like an eternity as her frustration lingered on.

To keep from having to explain things over and over, and to keep those of us that didn't want to keep asking up-to-date, Jessica started posting blogs on her MySpace page. She added links for weirdos like me to click and soak up all the information we could about it.

That's what brought her to blogspot. And I followed. You can find her story (and some cutesy vlogs) at Hey Mrs Robinson....

Anyway, tonight they came over to dinner... We visited a bit, then sat down to eat. That's when the ultrasound picture came out! She has known since Mother's Day (from a home test) but didn't want to announce it until they heard the heartbeat. Here is first picture of Mommy, Daddy and Isabella or Brady. (subject to change, of course)