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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Honor of St Paddy's Day

Well, this is a farm blog, so let's start with a farm joke...

A Texan rancher comes to Ireland and meets a Kerry farmer.
The Texan says : "Takes me a whole day to drive from one side of my ranch to the other."
The Kerry farmer says: "Ah sure, I know, sir. We have tractors like that over here too."

And now for a more serious note...

Marla, over at Butts and Ashes, has requested help for her daughter-in-law.  Amy is raising money for the fight against breast cancer, the disease that took her mother.  You can find the story, as well as find out how to help, by clicking HERE.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Click to Give

I've written before about how easy it can be to make a difference.  There are opportunities everywhere for volunteering.  You can give forty hours a week or five minutes a year.  It's up to you.

There's an office supply store that has TV commercials featuring an easy button.  We all wish our lives had an easy button.  Well, here's one for you:
You'll find these easy buttons in a variety of colors.  There's a melon-colored button that feeds the hungry, a pink one that pays for mammograms for women that can't afford them, a salmon button that buys books for literacy programs, a green one that protects rain-forests, a purple button to help feed shelter animals, and this blue button that provides free medical care for children.

Clicking any of these links will take you to the Click to Give site.  Each of the above causes has a tab that will take you to that particular easy button.