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Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, things sure have changed!

Hello, everyone!  It seems so strange here.  Blogger has changed so many things since I last posted, I hardly recognized the place. Speaking of changes...

Would anyone purposefully hit this button?  I suppose I would, if things were really bad.  But things haven't been really bad.  My life is good.  I don't want it to change!

If only I could control my world...

If only I could stop the good stuff from changing...

But I don't control anything. So, tons of things have changed on the farm since we last talked.  I glanced through the pages on my blog, noting the animals and other things that were my life when I last was here. I'll need to do much updating.

The major change being my in-laws moved out a month ago.  They decided to move back to the little house they lived in when we built this home.  Mr J and I both worry about them, but they seem to be doing OK.  

We moved in here in December of 2003, and moved them in a month later.  Since we spent the first few weeks unpacking and arranging, this really feels like the first time we've been alone here.  It is SO QUIET! It felt really weird at first.  But now that we're used to it, we love the peace and time alone. Eight-and-a-half years out of our eleven year marriage, we have had them with us.

Of course, this means a change in priorities.  We have spent almost a decade taking care of his folks and my mom.  Mom is still in her apartment, just a few minutes away.  She is doing well on her own, so I'm only needed to fill her medicine dispenser, handle business matters, and provide transportation. And so, being caretakers is no longer the big priority in our lives.  So what is?

Well, for starters, US!  Yes, being together.  Alone. Doing things together. Alone.  Also, our social life took the backseat while they were here.  Now we're inviting friends for dinner and going places with them.  It feels so strange.  Did we live this way before?

 That, friends, is just one of the areas of change that has taken place here on the farm.  You are going to read about more...
But for now, I'm off to live my life.  I can't wait to see what else is in store for us!


Ziggy Stardust said...

I am so glad to see you back and I can't wait to read your updates and stories that are to come. I wonder how Lexi is doing and all of your grandchildren. Sashy sends loveys to Sadie. Welcome back to the place you belong.

Anne and Sasha

CrazyCris said...

That is indeed a BIG change! Enjoy your new-found freedom and HAVE FUN!!!

Look forward to hearing more! :o)