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Monday, November 8, 2010

Buddy Sour

No, that's not Buddy... that's buddy... as in pal, friend, amigo.  Although Buddy was Nekoda's buddy, now that he's gone, Maggie is the one she can't be without.  

Horse people know the term 'buddy sour' very well.  It's when your horse gets so attached to another, it acts like an idiot when you separate them.  If you're not a horse person, here is a video that demonstrates it very well:  (have your sound on)

I often take Nekoda out to the front pasture while Maggie is finishing up her meal.  By the time I get back with Maggie, Nekoda has usually worked up a pretty good lather  One day I left Maggie in the back field the entire afternoon.  By the time I brought Nekoda back to the barn she was gray!  When horses sweat - just like people - they get salty, and Nekoda was covered with salty swirls that day.

I had my camera in my pocket today when I took Nekoda to the front pasture.  She's fine while Sadie and I stand there talking to her, but when we start to leave... well, you've seen it now.  When she was hanging over the fence calling, she was facing the barn where Maggie was still eating.  She'll stop to graze a little, and then go right back to running and calling to her friend. 

I decided to throw in a couple more video clips.  This one is me walking Maggie down to the front pasture.  We swing by the goats to say hello.  I can't resist the opportunity to get those babies posted here.  You can hear Nekoda whinnying in the background...

I love this one with Maggie's shadow walking down the driveway.  We came around the trees and found Nekoda getting her daily back-scratching...

A similar term is 'barn sour'.  Some lazy horses (like mine) do little to nothing but hang around the barn all day or in the pasture grazing.  Then when you try to ride them away from their favorite spot, they don't want to budge!  Some horses will go so far, and then turn around and gallop back to the barn!  Those horses can be dangerous.  Fortunately, mine don't do that, but they do sometimes get stubborn about going past an imaginary line in the drive.

I hope you enjoyed my videos.


Amy Holder said...

I adore horses! What beautiful babies you have! I love the videos! I never knew that horses get riled up like that when they're away from their partners. That makes me feel so bad for the horses that get separated for good. :-(

Thanks for sharing these wonderful videos. They put a smile on my face!

Lynn said...

How bizarre re Nakota. She was definitely beside herself calling for Maggie. The goats are cute and so friendly. :D

DJan said...

You have such a great life there. I love horses, too. Thanks for showing me what life is like on the farm! I also liked hearing your voice, too!

Marla said...

I make the same noise when Bob leaves the house without me. :-)

Great videos, Lily~

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Horses are SUCH personalities!!! What joy they must bring you! Such a wonderful post, Lily!! I'm so glad I stopped by...I would have hated to miss this! Just came to say "hello!" and to give you a hug! Love, Janine XO

Sandy said...

I'm not seeing any of the video's, just big white empty spaces? I've not heard that term either, but then am not a horsey person. Most animals scare me, though I have ridden twice I think it wasn't all that pleasant for me. Trail rides in Colorado, cause our daughter wanted to go. My horse was the only one who wouldn't stay on the trail. lol

Nice to see you blogging again,

CrazyCris said...


I'm afraid I haven't had time to come visit for a while... much reading to catch up with! :s

I was thinking of you today when I saw a funky polka-dot horse in the field across from my sister's flat (I'm visiting her this weekend in London, well, just outside). Come see!

And now I'm wishing I could go horseback riding... *sigh*

Shellbelle said...

I did enjoy your videos! I've never heard of either of these terms, but then I'm just an old beach gal, lol. I guess Buddy Sour is just what my cat Mae was feeling after our loss.

Happy Thanksgiving Lily to you and yours, I know you have so much to be thankful for.