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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Quick Note on Mother's Day

I know it's not Mother's Day... but since I've been so busy with the new baby, I'm a tad bit behind.  (OK, tad means a very small amount... so I'm more than a tad behind.)  Anyway, before it turns into winter again, I wanted to share my Mother's Day flowers with you!

The gorgeous lilies in the back are from my daughter Jen.  I planted them by the kids' swing set.  They wanted a flower garden in front of their club house, so that is the start.

The bouquet in front is my favorite!   Sorry, Jen, but you've been outdone again by Lexi.  Ever since we've lived here, Lexi has picked wild flowers to bring to me.  I was always afraid she'd end up with a weird rash, but so far so good.  She always takes such care to choose which flowers go in her arrangements.   Sometimes her arrangements are symmetrical, sometimes not. She usually tries to find a big variety of hues, but right now, yellow is her favorite color.  She decided on some tall, airy ones for the back-side, with shorter bright ones for the front...  and a touch of lavender for punch!  I think she has a talent for floral arrangements.

I remember picking wildflowers along the road for my mom, but mostly we brought her those bright yellow ones that appeared in the lawn.  Did any of you do that?


Oklahoma Granny said...

What wonderful Mother's Day flowers! Lexi's arrangement is simply perfect.

Those yellow flowers you used to pick from the lawn - they were just DANDY weren't they - and I'm not LYIN'!

Sharon McPherson said...

Gorgeous!!! I love fresh flowers and the sentiments behind your bunches must have you beaming like a Cheshire Cat. Lucky you!!! :)

CrazyCris said...

They're lovely! :o)

I took my mom to visit mummies and gave her a couple of tickets to a concert of one of her favourite SPanish singer-songwriters from the 70s. And yes, flowers! :o)

Al said...

Yes I did when I was kid. My playmates and I used to roam around the cemetery, I know it sounds creepy but it is where all lovely wildflowers grow. I remember when we pick a couple of bachelors button, a pink pom-pom like little flowers and we would arrange them nicely and put them on the altar.

BTW Happy Mothers Day and the bouquet looks gorgeous!


DJan said...

What beautiful lilies! I think I can smell them from here. And yes, Lexi has a flair for arrangements, and I thank you for sharing. I see you over on Facebook, so I know you are still on the computer now and then!

Shellbelle said...

I adore wildflowers, but I don't remember giving my mom flowers when I was young. I do, however, remember always making something in school to present her. The hand print in clay — didn't we all do one of those? And ashtrays! Funny to think that in those days it was perfectly acceptable for teachers to show us how to make ashtrays as a school project.

Nice to see your having fun with the grands, but we do miss you around here!

Anonymous said...

Almost every time my granddaughters come over for a visit they pick some of the flowers in front of our house and give them to my wife with a big smile. What a blessing they are.

Historical sites with charmine said...

Lily, What pretty flowers,love Lexi's arrangement.

Sometimes mom & I go for a stroll & we pick wildflowers,they look so pretty but don't last too long in a vase.

It's been awhile since I last posted on my art blog....travel keeps me busy.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, how perfect!!!! Nothing more wonderful than a real gift of love!!!! And obviously YOU are very LOVED!!!! Big smiles and love from me as well, Janine XO

SquirrelQueen said...

Both are beautiful but I am kind of partial to Lexi's bouquet. There is something about wildflowers that I can't resist.

I did that too as a child. One time I didn't notice the tiny bugs on the flowers until they were in a vase on the table.

Leave a Legacy said...

Hi Lily,
I've also been a tad behind. I'm re-arranging some priorities though and putting blogging back toward the front.
I love your little yellow bouquet. I used to pick the same for my mother and my boys picked similar ones for me. Now my grandsons take a walk and bring me beautiful bouquets of dandelions. I always put them in a pretty vase.

Sheri said...

my dear lily,
i somehow missed this posting even though i saw your lovely face in my comments! i'm glad to know that everything is going well for you and your family but you should know...I MISS YOU!! have a wonderful day :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, Lily! Just stopping by to say "hi!" Love, Janine XO

Marla said...

The wildflowers are my faves too. I have two vases of them in the kitchen right now.