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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monochromatic Morning

 Our first snow of the season fell last night.
I love waking up to a world I've missed for months!

This black and white view waited outside my bedroom door .
The bare trees seem even darker against the pure white snow.

The valance over the kitchen sink is trimmed in crystal drops.
They appeared more like icicles this morning!

At a different angle, you would have seen the smoke,
billowing up from the outdoor boiler...
a sure sign that winter is near.

Though the snow was light,
the sead heads bowed in respect
of this symbol of winter.

The paling green of a willow bush
peeks through the tender reeds.

Here, you see the willow is losing its battle,
succumbing to the shorter days and chillier nights.

The horses don't notice the temperature dropping.
Their furry coats have grown plush,
insulating them from the brisk air.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Could you please send some snow my way? The pictures you took are great!

Rae said...

We had a light dusting of snow this morning too. I have resigned myself to the fact that winter is really here :( Your photos are great. I really like that valance. Did you do it or did you buy it like that? I bet the horse's appetites pick up in the winter -trying to get extra calories to help against the effects of the cold.

DJan said...

Yes, Lily, these are truly lovely pictures -- if you are inside cozy and warm, that is. I think it's great the way horses and deer grow winter coats. You are very fortunate to live there with the farm (not to mention me, even if I'm only virtually there).

Marla said...

Oh Lily, I just love snow! I am going to try very hard to not be jealous. :-)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!

Lily Robinson said...

I usually don't respond to comments here, but I thought Rae's question had an interesting answer. (Since many of you seem to really care about this stuff!)

Yes, the horses do need more in the winter. Maggie needs a lot. I add a weight supplement to her feed plus a dose of vegetable oil. For the others, I just gradually increase their feed while watching their weight. They will burn body fat to keep warm. So if they don't get enough to eat, they won't freeze... they'll just lose weight. Through grooming and loving, it's easy to tell if they start to drop weight.

SquirrelQueen said...

You got a nice little snow, just enough but not too much to be a pain. None here so far but we're headed into the single digits, brr!

Kim Kasch said...

Burrrrrrrrrrr it looks sooo cold

Shellbelle said...

I heard on the news that this storm was covering 2/3 of the country. I saw snow all over blogland today. We just had a little rain and some fog, but I still have the fans on.

I had to wait for the slides to be clear to get that shot and believe me that was no easy task, I think I took about 20 photos just of the slides. Lol, that's the closest we'll get to snow here.

I love how the crystals mimic the icicles, very clever and very pretty.

Janean said...

your valance trim DOES look like icicles! yay!

Silver said...

I always love to hear and read life in the Country. I am living in one myself, actually.. apart from the inconvenience of having to travel miles and miles away when you need to get some decent supplies of stuff and the better jobs too are out there in the city.. i still love it here.

Read your older post on the Spammers. Hate them too.