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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Presidential Craziness

I was watching the network news and saw a tearful mother. She was trying to hold back the tears. Speaking of her children, she just couldn't contain her grief. No, they weren't abducted. No, not murdered, raped, abused, run over in traffic, given drugs at preschool...

I don't often let politics enter my home here in Blogville. I've just been so irritated by what I've seen on the news that I have to speak up. We have a black president. Deal with it. He is not foreign. He is not a Muslim. He is not burning Jews.

I hate pulling out the old race card, but unfortunately I don't have any other cards left in my hand. I can't help but think that if he was 100% white guy, some of this stuff would be non-existent. I am a Christian. Unfortunately, there are some Christians out there giving us a bad name. In the name of God, they claim that President Obama is another Hitler! Because he wants everyone to have affordable health care, should the nations of the world band together and rise up to defeat this monster?

I know a lot of it is about money. "I want to keep mine and don't want you to have any of it!" They liken the plan to communism. What about Medicare? I won't go there...

So now, our elected President wants to address school children.

I kept wondering what I was missing. I called my Obama expert... "Have I missed something? What's he going to talk about that's got everyone so upset?"

Here it is in a nutshell: Our elected official is asking children to convert. He is forcing his democratic beliefs on them. How, you ask? He wants them to write a letter. Are you ready for this? The letter is supposed to be about how they can help the President. OMG! No! We will not stand for this!

Next thing you know, he'll mention unity... You know - that garbage he spewed during his campaign about it not being red states and blue states but the United States. He'll probably have the audacity to mention patriotism! I think if the word 'care' is uttered, we should scream for impeachment!


Rae said...

You said it all!! It is a world full of craziness. Heaven forbid if the president tells schoolchidren to work hard and stay in school. What in the world have we been reduced to; a leader who wants to see our nation fare well.

I certainly never dreamed it would come to this. And I believe you hit the nail on the head. Race. It is all because of race. Those in opposition won't say the real reason but anyone using logic can figure it out.

CrazyCris said...

I can't believe people's reactions to this! I think it's great he wants to address schoolkids! Make the kids aware at an early age of the structures that govern the country and that everyone has certain rights and duties in a democracy! If they're inspired to participate early that should carry through to an older age... and the last thing a true democracy needs is a complacent and non-participative citizenry!

I can't opine as to the race factor, not having lived in the US long enough (or at an age of reason) to understand what the big hullaballo is. It's never been an issue with me, my family, my friends (nor has religion). I was raised to accept or not people based on what was in front of me: behaviour, opinions etc... the only people I dismiss off hand are slimeballs! :p

Lesley said...

Rant on, Lily! You are absolutely right. It's such a shame. The anger, ignorance and yes, racism is tearing our country apart and making it impossible to move forward on the important issues of the day.

Evyn said...

Thanks, Lily---
You said it all. I just can't understand why we wouldn't want our President to address school children and urge them to stay in school or ask them to help the country. I don't get it. Former President Bush went into schools and even read to kids.
I can't imagine a hullaballo like this when I was a kid if the president wanted to address school children---even if he were a different party from most of the kids in school. It's an opportunity for teachers and parents to use his talk as a teaching moment, to talk about citizen responsibility, respect for others, even if their political opinions are different. Staying in school and getting an education. That's a great message. Obama is far from being a fascist. I wish I could laugh but it's far too upsetting.
Here is a link to the speech he'll be giving: http://www.whitehouse.gov/MediaResources/PreparedSchoolRemarks/