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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Boiling!

I won't mention any names, but there's a certain famous person making news today. He pleaded guilty to raping and sodomizing a thirteen-year-old girl. (Actually, he did plead guilty to lesser charges in hopes of not doing prison time.) Then, before he was sentenced, he skipped. Luckily they found him. So he should go to prison right? I mean, doesn't that seem rational to you? Well, after he FINALLY gets his sentence...

OK, so what if I said he escaped and it took days to find him... Should he still face the judge? What if it were weeks? Years? What if, while this young girl was dealing with being victimized, he was living the good life? What if he painted a beautiful work of art? Or wrote an award winning song? Should we then forget about the rape of this young girl? Is the rape secondary to what he achieved while on the lamb?

Let's suppose the perp just hid out somewhere, living a decent life. A working stiff. Clocked in, did his job, went home to a wife and kids. Then, 30 years later they find him... Isn't he still guilty?

Is Hollywood society telling us that, as long as you're famous, do what you want? If you get caught, move somewhere else? In a few years, we'll demand you are too good to go to jail?

Is anyone else disgusted? They claim he was justified in running. The judge was going to... Was going to? You mean, their defense is based on a prediction of his sentence? Oh, never mind then... That's a good reason. Besides, the kid probably asked for it, right?


Rae said...

It is disgusting and he should sit in prison. This rally cry to save him is ridiculous. If he had been an ordinary citizen no one would offer to save him. It goes to show that society is screwed up.

Naqvee said...

Polanski is like crazzzzzzzy!! discussion is going on regarding his penalty.. and i really want him to be behind the bars

Leave a Legacy said...

I so totally agree with you Lily. I was so upset about this while watching it on TV last night. These Hollywood people are so screwed up in their thinking and rationale. Yes, he's still guilty. So if you let enough time pass you then become not guilty? It's not like he's been sitting in some kind of jail for the last 30 years. He's been living a good life.