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Monday, June 1, 2009

The upside of asthma...

Do these glasses make me look smart?

I'm a night-owl. No argument from anyone that knows me. I'm trying really hard to be a morning person, but so far it hasn't been working. Hubby's son & D-i-L now attend our first worship service. Hubby and I wanted to go with them. I've tried. A couple weeks ago I went again to the early service (9am) with Hubby. My pastor is not boring! Even the kids listen. But there I sat, fighting to keep my eyes focused. He always claimed he wanted to be hidden behind the cross. Well, he just flat disappeared a couple of times! I got the message, but not the sink-into-your-heart-and-remember-it-later got it... (Would it be rude to stand and stretch?)

So Hubby's answer? He'll stay for both. Forget it! We're old people. (Well, maybe just not in the greatest of shape.) I've told him that's too much on him, sitting that long. Besides, there are chores, animals... So yesterday, we met in the foyer as he left and I came in with my mom. Last night I told him I'd try again. I do want to go with him and his.

Grand #2 will be spending the summer and she's an early riser. When she spends the weekends, her and Papaw have conquered the world and are back inside cooling off by the time I creep into the living room. Living in the country, the only chance she has to meet some kids her age is at Sunday school. Yep, 9am! Plus, I've found a soccer day camp program at a nearby Christian University for her to attend, but she has to be there by 8:30! YES, in the morning! I hate driving in the dark... Oh, it's not dark? my bad

Well, I found the key! Not that I advocate drug usage to cram more time into your day, but it seems my nebulizer meds have this really strong side effect. I thought once I adjusted to the newly added one, this would subside - but no, it's worse! INSOMNIA! (BTW - Is it Monday yet?) Unfortunately yes, to answer your question - I am still up. But so is the sun and I'm ready to start the day. Too bad 'The Nurses Bag' is gone; I've got some questions...


Rae said...

Well the nurse's bag may be gone but the bag, I mean nurse, is still here. So ask away friend-my email is on my profile. RAE

Historical sites with charmine said...

you poor dear! I've got same problem but its managable.rest, rest.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my. Rae I'm so glad to see you are here to help.

Being a fellow night owl I understand, I'm trying to cut back on the late nights but it's hard to do especially now that the day's are getting longer. Is there a cure?

I love that photo,

~*Jessica*~ said...

nice picture!! Good Luck with the getting up early!