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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking the plunge!

Well, the pool is finally clean enough to dive in! It's still a little cloudy, but there's no green in sight! Plenty good enough for us. The water should be ready for company by Monday. These hot days have made the water temperature perfect without having to put on the solar blanket.

When I first retired 3 years ago, I babysat for my grands for a few weeks. I got one of those little $10 pools for them to cool off in. They had a blast! And they didn't care how dirty the water got!

Ali, she's going to pay you back for that!
I told you so!

G#3 seems to be getting the best of Ali here!

I told Hubby I wanted to buy a real pool. When my daughter was young I had one of those 3' deep ones that come in a box from the box stores. They don't cost much to buy or maintain, and are the perfect size to float around in on a hot day. If you knew Hubby, you'd know that it would end up beyond that...

He declared that if we were buying a pool, it would be big enough for his 6'5" frame to swim in. (He is the small one in the family.) So we ended up with this monster that comes up to my armpits! I hate all the upkeep, but I'm glad he convinced me to get it. We've had my daughter's whole family and his son & DIL all together, splashing and having fun! Worth every penny and every minute spent working on it! I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!

G#3 2007

Ali and I practiced our 'routines' today in the pool. We do these handstands and back flips, then spring up in a big Olympic style finish with our arms in the air. She scored a 9.8 on the back flip tonight... her best ever! We also do synchronize swimming. Yes, we are talented!

Ali's finally old enough that she gets I do not want to stand there and count all day. She always asked me to count how long she stays under or how many somersaults she can do without stopping. We'll never get ready for the competition that way!


chicamom85 said...

Oh my goodness that sounds so inviting. I bet it is a lot of work but I would love to have a pool. What a great way to cool off. Have fun


SquirrelQueen said...

That looks like so much fun, I'm glad it cleared up and gave you good pool weather.

Love the photos.


Jase said...

That pic of the future WWF superstar mad me laugh.

CrazyCris said...

sounds like bundles of fun!

I just love being in the water!!! :o)

Rae said...

Oh those little pools of dirt that kids think nothing of getting into. Plus all the grass that tracks in off their feet. I did it too as a kid. Clear blue is my preference now though.

DJan said...

I think that pool looks great, and although the upkeep must not be fun, it's so wonderful to have these memories. Is that last one taken from under water? Thanks for sharing this!

DJan said...

Thanks for your comments on my latest blog post. I am also following your status updates on Facebook, and I am beginning to feel like I know you. (BTW, I studied that picture and know it was not an underwater pic.)

AL said...

Hey I saw my myself in that pool photo! I was like that when I was a kid. . .exactly just like them! Hahaha...fun isn't that?

BTW I thank you for posting comments on my blogs, and I'm glad that you like it. Take care and dont forget the goggles when you plunge!!:)