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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project - Phase Two

This is not a picture from space... This is our pool! Yuck! Living in the 'Land of Devil Wind' makes it nearly impossible to keep the cover on the pool all winter. But at least the cover is off now and the cleaning has started! I looks like a farm pond, don't you think?
OK, don't scream! This is really ugly...

Around the corner of the house is the new wood steps and the stone steps that we just finished. At least we have one entrance to the pool area that is not an obstacle course! This side was done... Then we put in the outdoor boiler system. They had to trench right through the area I had finished. There were stepping stones leading to the lawn area, surrounded by the crushed brick and a few small boulders. The pavers stacked near the pool used to be in front of the big wooden box that used to sit along the back wall of the house for storing the pool supplies.

There is a lot of dirt to smooth out before I replace the black plastic and landscape cloth. Fortunately I didn't have a lot of plants in place yet. Once the pool is cleaned and open, Ali will have something to do while I tackle Phase Two!

Oh my, it's hot! Broke 90 today!


chicamom85 said...

It was 90 here today as well and that pool looks just fine to me. Our party pooper subdivision doesn't allow above ground pools. I bet Ali loves it. Does Sadie go in? Sasha wants to know.


Jase said...

That reminds me of the pool we had as kids. Not as flash as yours, but the water was the same colour. I can't tell you how many times I got thrown into the green slime pool monster when I was a kid.

SquirrelQueen said...

We hit ninety here as well today and a pool sounds really good. I would have to make it the priority just to have it ready after a hard day of landscaping.


CrazyCris said...

oh dear! much as I love the water... I'm not sure I could get in that!
90? sounds hot!!!

AL said...

Uhh can I come and swim with Sadie and Sasha? Just be quick with the cleaning...I feel so hot, my coat is sticky.:)


~*Jessica*~ said...

yuck!!! good thing I wasn't there when the cover came off!! Good Luck with the cleaning job.