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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Passing it along...

I've just found a new blog to follow. Thank you Joan for your blog on Ocean Day leading us to this one. Who doesn't love the ocean and want to save our environment? What caught my eye the most was the occupation of the blogger... Joan introduced me to Cris, an oceanography and marine biologist. In recognition of Ocean Day, June 8th, Chris is hosting a blogathon! Read all about it at crazycrishereandthere and hopefully join in.

Grand #1 is aspiring to be a marine biologist. She just completed her freshman year of high school so it's a little way off, but she's wanted this for many years. She also recently began to blog. (I've been waiting for the second part of her story to post... hint Dani) Anyway, now I'm hoping to see what she'll blog on for this event.


CrazyCris said...



I hope many people participate in this! It's amazing how much the sea affects and inspires so many people, and then there surprisingly so many people who never really stop to think about how important it is to all of us!


~*Jessica*~ said...

Dani started a blog....I gotta see that. You will have to send the link to me.

Mark Kreider said...

Thanks for recommending Chris's blog. Yes I'm interested!