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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh, to be loved!

I feel so loved in Blogville! The nice people here share their life with me. They show me pictures of their artwork, their favorite finds, their gardens, their families and pets, their travels... I love that they leave me nice comments filled with encouragement. We share happy times and sad. Driving to Blogville every morning is a very welcoming part of my day!

I have been so blessed with wonderful blog friends! They have presented me with thoughtful awards since shortly after I started blogging. I love getting them, too! It seems lately though that we're all having a tough time keeping up with blogging, reading, commenting, passing on...

Several of you simply do not have time to do it anymore and I understand. I may get to that point. But for now, I'm trying to simplify by life in Blogville without giving up anything I enjoy.

If you follow my becoming an author blog, or my blahwg! blog, you will notice a change in the sidebar... It's a lot shorter. I removed most of the awards. They're not gone - just relocated. I love getting feedback or I wouldn't be here, right? Sometimes I get an award that is presented to me without specifying which blog. So, since I post on three different blogs, I displayed my awards on each one. I didn't realize when I started it how many awards would be coming my way! Whoopee! I'm like a kid at Christmas! I would hate for my blog friends to pull up my page and think that I had neglected to post the award they so lovingly took the time to pass my way.

For now, when I get an award for a particular blog, I will post it on that blog, but display it on the sidebar of my essays blog. That way I don't have to update three times. My essays blog is just my 'everything else' blog anyway... not book stuff, not farm stuff.

Most of you have already seen my new 'pass it along' rule. I simply cannot find the time to select and go to five, six or fourteen other sites to present the awards. Based on your feedback, most of you agree. I mostly feel it's more special if you're the ONE I select rather than one in a list. And, if I only name one or two, I feel more people will be inclined to check them out...

I wish blogger had a way to automatically update the list of the blogs I follow. I thought about consolidating it onto one blog too, but decided against it for now. I know most of you love to have new visitors to your blogs and the more sidebars you appear on, the more visitors you'll attract. So for now, I'll continue to (if I remember) update the blogs I follow on all three.

I've tried cutting down on commenting... Can't do it! I've been leaving shorter ones though. I want you to know if I love your pictures, or if I can relate to your message. For those of you that let me reply to your comments via e-mail... thanks! It is a time-saver. It's easier to have a dialog with people if I don't have to go to their blog to comment on a comment they left me.

So, now that I'm done rambling, it's time for feedback... Are you trying to fit in time to keep up with life and blogging? What hints do you have to share for saving e-time, without having to sacrifice the wonderful friendships you have developed?


CrazyCris said...

Oh my! Have you been reading my mind?!

I spend so much time reading blogs and commenting... I'm hard pressed to find time to write my own! (not too mention edit the photos and videos I need to include in the Hogueras posts).

I've noticed I spend less time in front of the TV (which is a good thing), but also less time reading which is upsetting!

And then there's all that real life that I keep side-tracking... sigh!

But it's so nice in the Blogosphere, it's hard to stay away!!!

Ziggy Stardust said...

You are loved in blogville!! I love getting the awards, it really means a lot to me. I do agree and lately I have only posted 1 or 2 blogs to follow. It is hard to choose and I don't want to offend anyone by not choosing them. I try to pick special blogs and also if they don't have many followers yet. I make time usually in the morning and then at night to comment and keep up. It is time consuming but for right now I love it. There is much to be learned here and I use blogging as my classroom.


Rae said...

I understand and agree with everything you are saying. I feel neglectful of my family at times.
But I love blogging. My content has not been writing focused as much as I would like. Hopefully I will find some time to get more done - at home and in blogging.

SquirrelQueen said...

I have run across one or two bloggers who have multi blogs and dedicate one just to memes and awards. It seems a little odd but appears to be working for them.

As to the blogs listed on the side bar I just updated the one on The Road to Here. Until you mentioned it I had never even thought about the other two, I am going to have to look to see if I even have it on those two. I would say put it on the main one and not worry about it.

I also have a weakness for new bloggers with few or no followers, I want to help them. Unfortunately that creats more comment time for me, but it feels so good.

I've been posting daily on two of the blogs and for the rest of the summer I may cut that down a bit. That would give me a little more time for comments.

I know one thing, I on the blog of one of my best buds and I see comments above from some other dear friends. Love you all.