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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off to college...

I can't believe I'm already sending a grandchild off to college! Yes, Ali is in college this week. Well, not really IN college, but AT college. There are 3 universities within 15 minutes of our farm. Cedarville University is a Christian college. They offer a special soccer camp for kids, and I enrolled Ali.

Ali loves soccer and plays for a select team starting this year. The season just ended for her semi-select team. The coaches for the select team saw her play and recruited her. She is hoping for a college scholarship someday.

The summer camp is only a day camp for her age group. I drop her there by 9am and pick her up at noon. In between the coaching and the practice games, they have a lesson. They tell them a word of the day, based on Christian values. For example, yesterday's word was commitment. They stressed the obligation you have to follow through when you sign up for a team.

She is having a great time and making new friends.

Yesterday I took Ali to her counseling appointment. They were very pleased with her progress. She truly seems to be a different person now! But he explained, as we have, that she always had this incredible person inside; Now she can let the world see her! He enjoyed hearing that she had a blog based on this change, and liked the name change thing too. Here is a link to the blog about her condition, and here is one where I talk about her new blog site. For those who are interested in her story, please visit her blog From Lexi to Ali with Love and leave her an encouraging comment.

Her counselor thought she was doing so well on the farm and with the new medicine that she doesn't need to see him for a month! She was going twice a week at first. She is proud of her accomplishment. I am proud of her!


Rae said...

Great going Ali and grandma too!

Amy Platon said...

I love that word of the day! Might have to borrow that. It's nice when we don't assume that kids understand that commitment to a team is expected when you sign up. Thanks for sharing!

Ziggy Stardust said...

You had me going there lady , I couldn't imagine that Ali was old enough for college. How wonderful that she is playing soccer though, great exercise and fun to meet new people. I love Ali's blog. I have come accross a lot of new young people blogs lately. I think soon I am going to invite them all to meet each other in one of my rooms


SquirrelQueen said...

Sounds like a great way to make some new friends and have fun doing what she likes at the same time. It should make for some good blog stories. Great idea.