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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Music Review

Lille Diane of ...This Time Tomorrow... is an artist in every sense! I've read on her page that she has had a long career as a singer... I've had the privilege today of listening to a CD she recorded titled 'A Child Like Me'. It's out in my car right now and I didn't look at the cover, so I don't know when it was recorded. Maybe she'll notice this post and comment on that... (I also have a cassette tape recorded in 1988 titled 'Midnight Hour' that I have not yet had a chance to hear.) I was impressed with her photography, painting, crafting and writing... But now, all I can say is, must be nice! For one person to contain so much talent is a true gift.

Her voice is lovely! It very much fits the personality you feel from her blog page. The album is a collection of inspirational music. I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of styles! From shoo-bee-do to contemporary pop! One song's tempo put me in mind of a tropical beach party! (Maybe it's just me...) This was definitely not a 'they all sound the same' kind of disc!

I've uploaded it to my laptop so I can listen while I'm driving through Blogville. Try to get your hands on a copy. I give it a BIG THUMBS UP!


Rae said...

I feel so stupid because I visit her page all the time and never bothered to read that part about her singing. So glad you told me.

Where did you find a copy? I wonder if it is available through itunes? I have to check it out.

Ziggy Stardust said...

That is so cool that you have it. I am going to attempt to find it, it is so nice that we are all connecting like this. Thanks!

P.S. Your I love the story that your grandaughter is writing


Lille Diane said...


Thank you for such a sweet post. We are going to have to meet sometime (half way) for coffee or lunch or both??? You are precious to me.

Maybe I'll have Superman help me figure out how to post a few of my songs on my blog. I'll work on.