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Friday, May 22, 2009

This Morning

It started out just plain terrible! I am NOT a morning person. I don't mean I'm grumpy in the morning... I mean I am asleep in the morning, by choice. I do not like getting up much before the crack of ten. Especially after a night like last night. This bronchitis/asthma is getting the best of me. I woke up at 3am in a hacking fit that would not stop. The breathing treatments help, but then I'm jittery for hours. Anyway, back on track...

This particular morning I am summoned to the conscious world by Hubby. He simply states, "We have a problem in the bathroom."

Did I mention that I am not a plumber, never have aspired to being one? Why is he waking me? Is the toilet clogged? Did a pipe break? No. That would be a plumber's job and I am not a plumber. I am however Hubby's resident mess-cleaner-upper.

I'll interrupt this story briefly to let you in on a tip: Never, never, never under any circumstances let your lab wolf down left-over corn from dinner. Even if she is overweight and the vet says let her munch on veggies. DON'T DO IT!

Now back to the story...

It seems that sometime between "Goodnight, I love you, too" and "We have a problem in the bathroom" our lab Sadie had an accident. Well, several actually. Fortunately, it was in the bathroom and not on the bedroom floor!

All I could do was look at Hubby and say, "and I'm out of Frappucinos!" He replied, "I'll run to Speedway and get you some."

So here I am, on my knees hacking, trying to get enough air into my lungs while assuring that multiple trees will die because of my indiscriminate use of paper towels. If you will remember, all this is taking place at a time during which I should be having my REM period.

You're probably thinking this day is starting off on the crappy side - no pun intended...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Luckily, I do not have Hubby's weak stomach. Cleaning up after people or animals doesn't phase me much, unless of course it's in the middle of my night.

When the only trace of the 'plumbing' problem was a lingering aroma, Hubby returned with a nice cold coffee Frappucino and said, "I owe you." Oh yeah, you owe me big time! So I decided to put him to work.

I had Hubby fetch me some mulch for a quick job outside - remember, I still can't breathe. I'm feeling sorry for myself because I really want to get some things done, but the Dogwood trees are running me back inside. I wish I could open the windows and listen to the sounds of nature, but that would give those nasal terrorists access to my sinus cavities. So I did what I do best...

Settling my laptop in front of me, I went online to check my mail and read the blogs I follow. I made a quick trip over to Facebook. I have a friend on there that I've never met, but I know her in-laws. I worked with Harry for several years. His son and daughter-in-law have recently adopted a young boy from Africa. I knew the daughter-in-law wrote a blog but didn't know where. I checked her Facebook page and there was the link. (I will not post the name of her blog here until I have her permission.) I was anxious to read their adoption story...

I spent the next chunk of MY horrible day reading her honest and open thoughts concerning this tough journey that her and her family have taken. She speaks frankly about her conflicting feelings, and shares the way her day starts out every day...

A favorite saying of mine popped into my head... "I once felt sad that I had no shoes, until I met the man that had no feet."

I am not letting Sadie have any corn tonight. But even if I did, tomorrow morning will still be wonderful. Thank you Lord Jesus for making me see.


Lille Diane said...

OMGoodness, MzzLily.

I agree no mo corn fo Sadie. What a morning! What a day! I'm so sorry you are having such problems breathing. I am sensitive to certain odors and need to be careful of my environment but not like you have it. I will say some prayers for you, my special friend. I love reading your blogs. Your life on the farm and your stories are very entertaining---and funny. I think you write beautifully, MzzLily, and want to encourage you to write your book. Go MzzLily!! Go MzzLily!! Write that book!

SquirrelQueen said...

That is just a really bad way to start the day. My hubby did something along those lines with me one time, except it was the cat and our carpeted bedroom, eww.

No corn for Sadie and you take care of yourself.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will be much better.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend,

Historical sites with charmine said...

I'm sick too with flu.....that's a funny way to put it lol.I too have astama but rotahalers saved the day,it's manageable now.