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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

progress on the steps

Asthma & bronchitis has caused me to lose time on my outdoor projects. I finally got out there late today and helped Hubby put the posts in for the top of the steps. Here he is digging the first hole with his beloved tractor... After placing the steps back in the proper location, I held the post perpendicular while Hubby tamped the dirt in the hole. Note the 'supervisor' standing in the background. Nothing gets done without Sadie's oversight.
If I don't die in my sleep, we will anchor it all together tomorrow and start on the stone section that goes to the lower level.


SquirrelQueen said...

Now that's the proper way to did a post hole. You should have steps in no time at all now.

Take it easy with the outdoor projects, my hay fever is minor in comparison, but spring pollen,hay and dust can make life miserable.


susan said...

This is my first visit so I am not sure what you are building. Take care of yourself--asthma can be scary (sure I don't have to tell you!) I'll check back to see what the finished project is!

Rae said...

Well I know you have been wanting to get this started for a while so I am glad it is progressing. I hope you do not over exert and have more of a set back. Asthma can really limit you physically. Take it easy.

Rae said...

Thanks for answering my questions about my nursing blog. As you can tell I have deleted it. It was just not worth my effort anymore. I guess I would rather write crazy ramblings on my other blog anyway.