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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

beautiful day on the farm

The weather was beautiful today.
I managed to get some garden chores done and even got a start
on the steps project from my balcony to the pool area!
I'll post some pics when I get farther along.
The forecast indicates it may be awhile.
But for now, enjoy these sites I shot today...
I love this willow shrub! It is over six feet tall now.
This time of year it is covered with a worm-looking growth.
It was too breezy to get a good close-up of them.
The Japanese blood grass I transplanted is doing very well.
I love the way it looks when the evening sun hits the blades.
It becomes almost transparent!

The color of the sky was a perfect contrast to the brightly lit branches of our ornamental plum.

This iris is what I remember from my grandmother's flower bed.
I love the combination of the stark yellow and delicate lavender.

I only wish my camera could capture the brilliance of the evening sun
hitting this bright yellow iris!

I just noticed this artwork on the sitting rock today.
The grandkids were playing with their sidewalk chalk this weekend...
I think it's a 'welcoming' touch!

The new iris bed is doing well.
I worried because the bulbs were out of the ground so long.
It's certainly an improvement over the transformer box!

One of our baby pines. It's about six feet tall now and is getting it's first pine cones!


Rae said...

Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. I love Irises. They don't bloom here in my area until late June. I am ready now.

chicamom85 said...


SquirrelQueen said...

This is what I love about Spring, all the color and everything seems so fresh.
My iris are starting to bloom finally.

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the tour of your garden areas! That purple iris with the yellow was stunning. And I loved the little pine just getting its first cones.