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Thursday, April 30, 2009

farm fresh eggs & landscaping

I thought I'd add this to tonight's blog for you city folks... If you've never had farm fresh eggs, (and I'm not referring to the ones in the store labeled 'farm fresh') you should give them a try. I decided to have a three-egg omelet for dinner tonight. Out came the camera. I decided a little milk in the bowl and a shot of mustard would let you see the difference in the yolk color. I can't wait until the new hens start laying. We have twenty-five that will lay 'Easter eggs'. Their yolk is so dark it's almost the color of an orange. But the taste? WOW! Yes, this omelet was yummy.

The point of my shame... These steps lead from my bedroom balcony to a point halfway between the pool area at the corner of the house and the patio below the deck. Yes, we have lived here five years and still use planks to cross over the mud! We have had many projects that seemed to have pushed their way to the top of the list... i.e. chicken house, horse stalls, goat shed, pastures, front gardens, vegetable garden, raised melon bed, driveway maintenance, chopping wood, electric fences, gates and posts, sick old people... Now, Hubby finally agrees to help me build this steps.

Here's the plan I drew up tonight: a landing at the bottom, four steps up to the pool area, parallel steps going down to the patio area, boulders, blue ornamental grass and pink flowers fill in between the structure and lawn, slightly taller plants bordering the foundation with pink in-between, cedar mulch

Let me know what you think. BTW, for those that will ask how I did this: I used excel to draw the wood plans, then copy/paste to paint to add the finishing details. I don't need a landscaping program.


Nancy said...

Sounds great and so does your little farm. I agree about fresh eggs! i buy them whenever I can find them.

Rae said...

I didn't know there was a difference in eggs. City gal here.
I don't think home projects ever get completed - everytime I think I am finished, I come up with another idea and here we go again.

Grandma Nina said...

Used to buy farm fresh eggs but got lazy and one stop grocery store was easier. You've encouraged me to look for those farm fresh again.
You're also very talented with the computer. I eventually figure things out, but I'm so slow.

SquirrelQueen said...

I grew up on fresh eggs, my grandmother had lots of chickens. They are so much better than anything in the store.

Lily Robinson said...

LoL...Yes, we love our little farm. If the rain ever stops, I really should compile a little vlog to show you around.

Rae, you must go to a farmer's market or take a drive in the country and find a farm selling fresh eggs. Plus, I'm an animal lover, and even though we plan to slaughter our hens before they age too much, they are free to run, go in and out as they please and are not shot full of drugs!

Nina... I'm slow too. You just don't see all the trial and error - only the finished product.

SQ... I'm surprise you don't have a couple of hens tucked away in that garden!

TC said...

My husband LOVES farm fresh eggs, and chickens, I have this "thing" (aversion) to chickens.
Your step plans are GREAT, I've tried that with programs, but you did beautifully!!!

Bradpetehoops said...

Nice blog and pictures.

Mark Kreider said...

I often sing "There is nothing like an egg.... nothing in the world" to the tune of "There is Nothing Like a Dame". Make up your own lyrics, it's fun. I currently have an "egg lady" whom I adore and I am fond of her singing chickens (ever try it? They do need to be led a bit). When I retire and can stay on the North Fork all the time I WILL have chickens! Only a very fresh egg makes a perfectly poached egg. My internet name on some fun sites is "The Coddled Egg"... my password is "Cracked" but don't tell anyone.

Lily Robinson said...

Don't worry mk... It's just between you and me!