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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tennessee Vacation Part IV

Norris Dam is a part of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) system.  It was built to provide power and control flooding.  This dam is located in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  It has always been one of my favorite stops when traveling south.  (Cumberland Falls tops my list, but we didn't have enough time this trip to stop there.)

If you save this picture, you can enlarge it enough to read about the TVA.

This ivy has taken over large portions of the area.  You can see places where there is nothing but piles of ivy in the shape of trees, power lines and cliffs.  I think the way it cascades down the rock walls here is beautiful.  I would love this in my backyard!

The ivy has decided to camouflage the  pavement.  Wise choice!
In the background is the marina.

Don't tell Ali, but I like this stone stairway
even better than the one she helped me build!
Well, maybe not.

What picture do you see in this wall?

This is an example of resilience!

My style of landscaping!

Tomorrow, I'll conclude my vacation blog with pics from the grist mill.   Hang in there... one more day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tennessee Vacation Part III

Let me know if I'm boring you with my vacation shots.  Not that it will make any difference...

It was quite foggy the morning we left Pigeon Forge.  I shot a lot through the window of the moving car.  (Hubby couldn't care less about stopping to take pictures.  In fact, he'd probably like to throw the camera out of the moving car!)

We exited the highway south of Norris Dam to find the Appalachian Museum we had gone through on our last trip south...

These two shots were taken from the car...  Hubby was willing to stop for the tour, but they were having some special event and the place was jam-packed like a festival!

Within minutes, we were back on the highway...

I was thrilled that we could finally see the mountains we had been vacationing in!

We took another detour to drive over Norris Dam.

This is a shot along the road that goes to Norris Dam.  You'll see the pictures from the lake tomorrow.


Notice the rocks jutted through the trees.

I love driving through the areas of rock cliffs where they had to blast the mountain away for the highway.  It's probably the only place where man's progress actually made something pretty.

Here it looks like we're ready to drop off the edge of the world!

Image what these views will look like in a week or so, when the autumn colors are at their peak!

The view quickly changes when you near the Ohio River...

It poured the last several hours of our drive, finally letting up a little bit as we approach Cincinnati.

Back in Ohio.

Oh yeah...  Did I mention we traveled home via Paris, France?

This is actually a 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower,located at Kings Island Amusement Park, north of Cincinnati.

Bear with me...  If you hate vacation pics, just don't come back here for two more days.  Tomorrow I will post a few shots from the lake at Norris Dam, Tennessee.  The ivy-covered cliffs are beautiful, as is the red, curving shoreline of the pristine lake.

Wednesday I will finish up my vacation posts with the shots I took of the old grist mill down the road from Norris Dam.  It has always been a favorite stop of mine.