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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Invasion on the Farm

Did you ever get that feeling you were being watched? I was sitting here, minding my own business, working on my book. Uneasiness crept over me, as I became aware that someone was watching me through the balcony door. The heavy shadow loomed above my head at the glass. Dare I turn and face the intruder?

Hubby was working nearby. Would he come to my aid if needed? Would I be able to make my scream audible... or would I freeze?

When I turned to face the culprit, I was shocked by what I saw! A giant monster had invaded my balcony!Here he is, trying to tip-toe off behind the chair. Have you ever seen one this big? Sadie would be no match against this guy!

OK, here's one that gives a better perspective on his size...
Here's a couple of shots of him peeking at me through the window...

Just had to share.

Hubby and Sadie have been busy cleaning the barn. Together , they decided it was time to clear out some of those old scraps of wood we were saving 'just in case we need a piece this size'. It wasn't exactly a marshmallow fire, but still a nice view.