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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Enough Thyme!

How do you like my new title graphic?  Time is short these days, so I don't have much to spend on a picture. All the items in the collage are from photos I took here on the farm (except for the clothes line.) 

Speaking of time...  I have some lemon thyme in my front garden, but I don't know if it's edible.  Mr J and I had to make a trip to the feed store this morning, so on the way back we stopped at a small nursery to see what kinds of shrubs and herbs they had.  I spotted some lemon thyme that was solid green and edible.  On the same table with the other herbs was the green and yellow variety of lemon thyme that I have.  It did not say anything about being edible.  If it wasn't raining, I'd get a picture of it.  Maybe someone in Blogville knows.  But it is raining and dark, so...  if you don't hear from me anymore, you'll know it's NOT edible!

Last year I told you about planting onion chives off the bedroom deck where we built the new steps...  I love sitting on the steps and munching away, but I forget about the fresh chives when I'm cooking!  I do want to expand the herb garden, so today I bought a couple more perennials...

  On the left is Pineapple Sage, and on the right is peppermint.  The sage tastes exactly like pineapple.  It should make an exciting addition to a stir-fry.  I have an addiction to Altoids Peppermints.  I think I can pass them up now.  Just a pinch off this plant gives you nice peppermint breath that lasts!  I hope they spread fast... I can see me chopping them down to the ground in no thyme!  LOL

I'm not much into annuals.  I like plants that stay year after year and spread.  I had some rhubarb in one flower bed, but something dug it up.  I'll try a different spot next time.  We're also going to plant some asparagus.  It is a lovely garden perennial, but gets much too large to  place where the herbs are going.  I will place it out in the lawn and build a new garden around it.  I think it will look good placed between Mr J's new plants...
Mr J picked up these two varieties of lavender... English and Munstead.  I think they would look splendid framing the asparagus, and would make an ideal garden spot for the windmill.  The windmill was damaged by the hurricane that blew through the mid-west a year-and-a-half ago, and has been in storage ever since.  Sounds like we've got another spring project.

I need to visit my bloggy friends!  Brady is keeping me away for awhile, but I'll try to get around to you all this week during his nap times.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today at Hedgeapple Creek Farm

That's what Hubby calls the farm... Well, that's what he calls it for the present time. First it was Triple Creek because technically you can count three creeks. Then he called it Crooked Creek. I liked that name. We have absolutely the most winding creek you ever saw. You probably cover several miles if you walk it vs 1000 feet as the crow flies. It flows all four compass directions! Depending on his mood, he's had many names for the place. Someday I'll paint a sign.

Anyway, today he picked corn with his dad. Good corn! Last year he switched and planted some type that didn't have as much silk, so was easier to husk. Yeah, so! It didn't have much flavor and the kernels were tough. Now that he's back to growing Golden Jubilee, I can speak to him again. A lot of people love Silver Queen corn, but not me. He used to grow both... Golden Jubilee for me, Silver Queen for himself and his folks. However, when I'd cook the Golden, they'd all remark about how much better it tasted. Well, yeah... That's why I like it.

They're not finished picking yet, but there's already over a hundred ears in the freezer... and we had some for supper tonight. Here's a picture of the corn from the kitchen door. They're in there somewhere.
They didn't do as much weeding this year as normal. There was quite a bit of morning glory vines growing through the corn. This ear had a vine wrapped around it as it grew. Makes for an interesting pattern.
I thought I'd check on the Tennessee Muskmelon patch. Hubby raises them in a raised bed. (Pardon the pun.) Sadie decided to inspect them a little closer. These melons grow oblong, like a watermelon. The strange weather we're having might interfere with the melon harvest.

Today was a beautiful day for stretching out on the deck for a little sun. That's what Little Bear thought anyway...
Here is some vary rare footage. Chubs and Squeaky are partners in crime (chasing off Mickey), but I've never seen Chubs do this before...

Background: Chubs and Little Bear are siblings. Squeaky is LB' s son.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

droplets at sunset

The rain stopped right before dusk. You can keep the morning...

Foggy mist smudged the outline of the trees into the darkened sky. The air was heavy with sweetness, but yet crisp and clean, freshly washed. The irises, late in bloom and looking tired, folded in for the night, their blankets damp.