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Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Snow

The view from the living room...

How about a cookout?

Check out the way the ice formed on this fence rope...

Never too deep for Sadie!

And we had more after this!
Right now my car is stuck about 300 feet from the garage!  It's in a dip, so... uphill on ice both ways!  
Tomorrow I'll lug some of the horses loose salt down there.  Wish me luck...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Cris, you wanted to know if they provided an answer...

Could it be that they were 'egged on' by their feathered friends?

Perhaps a better question is...

...why didn't the chickens cross the road?
Should I tell them the car is parked?
Do we need a chicken crossing light?

Sadie doesn't seem to care about the hens running loose.  They're starting to ignore her, too.  And yes, DJan, these are the same chickens that wouldn't go out the door!

As for who cut the hole in the fence?  Mr J himself.  (Lille, he says the J stands for Jenius,too!)  The chickens have scratched their area so much that a lot of the grass is gone.  Even though they walk around in their own poop, it seems chickens do not like mud!  We let them out to give them plenty of roaming space.  They return to their coop at night, like always.

Mr J was worried about Sadie and the cats...  What would they do to his chickens?  I laughed!  "Don't you mean, what will the chickens do to Sadie and the cats?"   Sadie does occasionally leap just to make them scatter.  She does that to the cats sometimes too.  She thinks it's funny.

The cats...  Well, the chickens aren't small anymore.  Benji is our best hunter.  She's responsible for the headless bunnies that show up in the barn.  We watched her sneak up on a couple of the hens yesterday.  She got within three feet of them...  They let out a squawk and flapped their wings at her.  She shot off into the woods!  I have a video of Squeaky walking up the lane as a hen is walking down.  They passed each other without turning their heads! 

I guess there's enough room for all.  Maybe we should all learn a lesson from them.  And the lion shall lie down with the lamb.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Beautiful Day on the Farm

What a difference a day makes!  This was a beautiful day for enjoying the fall color.  The cold, biting winds of yesterday were gone.  The temperature was up a bit and activity was high.  Even my cast-kids were playing in the sun!

This weeping cherry looks beautiful all year 'round.  I love how the orange-yellow leaves contrast with the red grass and sedum.

Oh, look!  Is that D-Jan dropping in for a visit?

Whoever it is has a bird's eye view of the colorful foliage.

Where'd he come from?

There's a small airport nearby that is home to Sky Dive Green County.

Mr J took advantage of the weather, deciding to cut some more logs.  Can you believe he's sitting pretty on the tractor, and 85-yr-old FIL is doing the manual labor?

My FIL likes to stay busy.  He loves it when Mr J actually lets him do something!

The goats were enjoying the weather, too.

All that work...  ah, rest!

Wonder what they are thinking about?  They're actually watching...  Oh, wait...  I can't tell you yet.  You'll find out in tomorrow's post.  (It's a surprise for the bird lovers.)

Sadie loves to help Mr J chop wood.  She makes her logs small enough, even a baby can lift them!
You have to enlarge this one.  I didn't see it at first...

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that...

Hmm... Is it bigger than a toaster?

These potatoes grew so large they burst open!
OK, this is the last you'll hear about the sweet potatoes... (that is, until my Farmer's Market Challenge post.) I wanted to show you the storage rack Hubby built for them, using wood from skids. You know we love to re-purpose. This room in the basement is behind the stairway. It is dark and cool. We will have to expand the rack next year, as Hubby is already talking about 3 rows instead of 1.

Speaking of re-purposing... notice the Christmas candy bag? Makes a nice way to keep garlic.
Being confined to the AC put me way behind on the stairway garden project. Hubby finally took over for me and stained the new steps the other day. Don't they look great? Since the red crushed brick flows down from above to the stone steps below, the wood color adds to the continuity. (Note the chives I planted next to the wall.)
I wasn't out there to harvest the chives when they were small. Better late than never!
This bad boy is huge!
It reaches all the way across the sink!
They still taste great. I'll be chopping and freezing some for use over the winter. They don't keep their flavor when dried. These are onion chives. I will add garlic chives next spring to the other side of the steps. I'm thinking about putting some in a flower pot to see how they do inside over winter.

My dining room table is really wide.
This shows better how huge this thing is...
Of course, I couldn't resist posting a picture of Sadie.
Here is her happy face...

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Monster in the Register

Ever since we've had her, Sadie has been afraid of the floor registers. To get in or out through the garage you must pass through a short hall that has one of those evil things. To take her outside, you had to open the door wide so she could make a mad dash past the register before it could attack her. Now she is used to the register and will walk through the hall, but only on the other side!

I had some fun with her tonight...

I know... I'm mean! But did you laugh?