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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rae at Weathervane is raving mad!

My little problem seems to be fixed. Well, at least the inability to leave comments. I had to enable third party cookies.

Now I'm upset again! A good friend (Rae at Weathervane) is locked out! It's blogger's fault for first thinking she was spamming, then making her change her password, now she can't even get to her google mail! Ever try getting HELP on blogger or google? Impossible.

I tried going through 'help' for her. It got to where I could click on something to actually write to someone! Yea! I clicked it... It took me back to a sign-in page, then back to where I started! Now I'm as frustrated as she is!

I just got another e-mail from her. They sent a new password to her... AT HER GMAIL ACCOUNT! She can't get into her gmail account! Anyway, now she has been instructed to 'halt all efforts' to log in for 24 hours and then try again. If it doesn't work then, she has to start all over.

Since we have many followers in common, Rae would like me to pass along that she is locked out for now, but will be back as soon as possible. So don't think she fell off the face of the earth... She's just stuck in the twilight zone!

Trouble in Blogville...

Seems as soon as I fix one thing, something else starts happening... I don't know what's going on now, but if someone out there has a clue how to fix it, I'm listening!

Here's my symptoms:

From my dashboard, if I click my own blogs or one I follow, they show up as though I'm not logged in. On the top right, it says, "create blog/sign in". There is no 'customize' link. I cannot leave comments on many sites. Seems the ones with a pop-up box work OK, at least so far. But the comment boxes on the post page do not. It will show me as not signed in. If I type a comment and click, it will ask me to select a profile. I'll click 'google account' then 'post comment' and it disappears, never to be seen again.

I've clicked to follow a couple of new blogs, and my profile pic shows up as a box with a red dot in the center. Weird, huh?

I left myself a couple of test comments and they worked, but I use the pop-up box. But I can't delete those test comments. If I click 'sign in' it takes me back to my dashboard. Yet, when I click out of the dashboard, I'm back to not seeming to be signed in... I'm caught in a vicious cycle!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Firefox browser on a Vista PC.