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Monday, March 16, 2009


After the disappointing production titled Polynesian Fire, Kim and I were very much looking forward to seeing Camelot! My life has become so routine and home-centered that I especially enjoy the six times a year we spent at LaComedia. I wish my budget would allow for season tickets at all the area’s theatres. No screen play could ever compete with live theatre, with the exception of Polynesian Fire. (I’ve seen better costuming at pre-school productions.)

Last night’s performance did not let me down. The show was fast-paced and highly entertaining. The actors were right on cue and polished. The costumes were fabulous! If I had lived during the period, I would have felt blessed to have the wardrobe of Queen Guinevere. The fabrics were lush and well fitted. Everything from the lighting to the sound was well produced.

The story was bitter-sweet and thought provoking, though spotted with humor. The leads were well chosen. I’m not one to care much about physical appearances, but I hate it when the handsome stranger is an actor of less than ordinary looks. The actor that played King Arthur was nice looking and Sir Lancelot, was just handsomer enough to steal away the flawless queen.

Our table was almost dead center and the third level up – perfect. Sadly there were many empty tables. Since I feel this production should be a good draw, I fear the economic crisis is strongly impacting the world of performing arts. Although, for the money, LaComedia is a very good bargain. And with all the people out there worrying about their jobs and the market, who wouldn’t want to be swept away, if just for a few hours, to a land where it never rains before sundown?