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Sunday, July 19, 2009

computer woes

For the longest while I've been pulling my hair out on Blogger. When I first came here, things went smoothly. That soon changed... These messages kept popping up on my screen saying it couldn't show what it already showed... go figure. Then it would take me away to that e-land of the unknown. Often it would do this while I was leaving a comment. So the comment would go away, never to be seen again.

Thank God for friends like Judy a.k.a. Squirrel Queen at Through Squirrel Eyes and The Road to Here. I mentioned that I suspected a compatibility issue with my browser and she told me that switching to Mozilla's Firefox ended her issues. I downloaded Firefox just a little while ago. My troublesome days are over! Thank you, Judy!

It seems that Internet Explorer does not like Blogger. Even though that is the only site I was having trouble with, it was so time consuming that switching was well worth it! I read the pros and cons for using Firefox. One con was that it starts up slow. Not true. It starts up as fast as my IE ever did. One pro was that it is faster loading. I believe it. It may just be my positive outlook, but I think it's faster than IE.

I thought I'd share this with you. Many of you have talked about problems you're having with your PCs. Try Firefox and see if that clears them up for you. I've only been using it for about an hour or so, but I'm ready to recommend it. And best of all? It's FREE! Don't we love free?