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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tada! Finis!

The transition is complete!  I have finished merging my two blogs and setting up the new format.

Sorry if I clogged your dashboard yesterday.  I don't know if all the posts showed up there or not.  I imported all my posts from the old Blahwg! location.  Now, when I'm rich and famous, and you want to research my life, you need only look in one place!  ROFL

I also completed my tabs.  I just finished up 'The Humans' tab a few minutes ago.  My tabs will take visitors through a tour of how we got here, all the various critters (except the llama), and introduce the family.

I really enjoyed setting up the family page.  I spent some time looking through photos and reminiscing...  My, how the girls have grown!  We have so many memories built here on this ground.  Perhaps some of those stories will be the subject of future posts.  Maybe I'll even tell you about the llama...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, as you can see, there is a new title on the page and tabs across the top!  Whoopee!  Some of them actually have stuff attached!  I'm getting there.

If you also follow my farm blog, as a few of you do, all my future posts will be on this blog.  It will soon look more like the farm blog, too.  Blawgh! will still be around for awhile... it will take some time for me to transfer everything over.  (I will keep my writer's blog separate.)

The farm, cats & dog tabs are mostly complete.  I'll be working on the others in my spare time this week... so be patient! 

Let me know what you think about the tabs. I can't find any way to post to a 2nd tab or I'd keep the farm stuff separate.  If you know of a way, tell me about it.  I'll never figure it out on my own!

I'm one of those people that doesn't like too many choices.  I'm not entirely crazy about any of the backgrounds here at blogger, but I'm going with them for now.  I'll add my own later.

I've tried a few and thought I'd ask you guys what you like best.  If you use blogger in draft, you can look at them for yourself.  My favorites are the field and blue sky under the nature tab, this one with the wood planks, the quilt under the hobbies tab, and the jelly beans, which has nothing to do with the farm.

So tell me which you like... the cornfield, the wood or the quilt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Construction Zone

Pretty in pink?  If you don't like the pink flowers, don't fret... they're temporary.  I have been deleting and moving elements in preparation for merging this blog with my farm blog, and was just playing around with backgrounds.  For you manly visitors, the permanent background might be barbed wire...
or some rugged barn...
but definitely no pink flowers!  Well, at least not many.

One day soon (relative term) when you visit here, 
you'll see a new title and graphics.  

It will be called, blawhg!  Life On and Off the Farm.  Eventually (a better term for me) there will be additional tabs and lots of really cool stuff!  When I'm all finished, I will be giving away a brand new car!  

OK, that's not true...  but I might just have a small giveaway!

Stay tuned for the new look.  (Sorry about the car thing...)