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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time for Grandkids

Just thought I'd post a few recent pics of the new grandson with my youngest granddaughter.
Although Brady adores his cousin Melody, he refuses to smile for the camera.  No matter how funny something is, when the camera comes out, the expression goes serious!  Mommy said he got that from Daddy; he hates the camera, too.

Brady had fun squirming around on Melody's lap.  Good thing it's a big chair.  She's only three years older, so he's a lap-full for her.

Just like big people, it melted her heart when he smiled at her. 

This is my favorite shot:

Seems they both really love to watch Dora!

...and each other.  

I simply must brag on the intelligence of Melody's older sister Grace.  Gracie is five and just finishing kindergarten.  I was trying to trick her last week, but couldn't because she's so smart!  She told me that she's not really smart.  I said, "Yes, you are very smart.  I bet you know the capital of Mars."  She asked, "Is capital the big or the little letter?"  I said, "The big ones."  "Oh, then 'M'."  Now, is that genius or what?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Adding a Boy to the Mix...

My grandgirls: Melody, Grace, Dani, Lexi

And introducing Brady.
The girls have decided that he's a keeper.

Monday, January 11, 2010

End of Another Long Road

I know... I've been MIA for a while.  I've got a good reason.  Let me start from the beginning...

On Friday, May 29th, I blogged about our good news...  I titled it Miracles Do Happen!  My step-son and DIL, who were battling infertility, announced that they were pregnant!  That was the end of the first long road.  Her first positive home test was on Mother's Day.  Isn't that special!  It had been such a trying time for them that she didn't want to tell anyone she was pregnant until they heard the baby's heartbeat.  I guess that made it more real.  It was a time of great celebration, but the long haul was just beginning.

Things can go wrong with any pregnancy.  DIL was very aware of that fact.  But, as time went on, we worried less about miscarriage or some other complication.  DIL never stopped worrying.  She had an aunt that was due any day when, at a routine check-up, the heartbeat was no longer there.  As DIL's due date approached, and Brady became less active, she poked at him if he was still for too long.

Friday morning I got the call.  Let me back up a bit...

Wednesday night insomnia struck.  I get bouts of it regularly.  I stayed up all night.  Thursday I was quite worn out, but not the least bit sleepy.  By Thursday night I felt like I could fall over, but still wasn't drowsy.  I decided to help sleep come... 

It worked!  By 2am I was out cold!  At around 6am my cell phone rang... and rang...  "What the heck is that NOISE?"  I finally realized it was my phone.  Instead of reaching to the bedside table for it, I began feeling around the bed... under the pillows...  I was in a drug-induced coma, but I finally found my phone.  Step-son says, "We're at the hospital."   Yeah, OK...  zzzzzz

Relax.  I didn't sleep through the whole thing.  After jumping in the shower (OK, I didn't jump.  That's dangerous.), taking care of all the animals, and packing a bag of my knitting stuff, a book and of course, Frappucinos, we were headed to Dayton.

It was a long day.  Things weren't going the least bit fast.  We were sure it would be several hours more, so around dinner time, Papaw and I ran home to take some dinner to MIL and FIL, and take care of the animals.  A short time later, we were back on the highway headed to Dayton.  That's when my cell phone rang again...

Step-son's mom says, "They're prepping her for an emergency C-section."  OMG!  What happened?  Luckily, she was very quick to calm my fears.  They thought the baby's head was too large for her to deliver.  Things weren't moving along... But we were!

Shortly after we arrived back at the hospital, they took her to surgery, and we waited some more...

I won't hold you in suspense.  All are doing very well. 

Here is Brady's beautiful Mommy the next morning...

Here's a picture of the happy father...

And here's the guest of honor, Brady Matthew...

Yes, it's the end of another very long road, but the beginning of an even longer one.  Is there anything better than a newborn baby?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm not judging you, but...

Today was magnificent! I made it to church for the most wonderful service. Still celebrating the upcoming birth of Grand #5 (or should it be #B1, with A1,2,3,4 the others? IDK) it brought me to tears to witness the special events today. Four graduates were honored before the congregation. All four were read to as they stood near the alter. The youth pastor read letters written by their fathers... Words like, "...when we first found out you..." and "...our little bean!" Thanks what Tim & Jessica call their long-awaited. And if that wasn't enough? Following the grads was a family for a baby dedication. The baby's name? Brody! Close enough to Brady to make me grab my next-to-last tissue!

Oh well... I know you're all ready to O.D. on my baby babblings. Back to the point of my post...

[Warning: If Jesus offends you, click the little x in the upper, right-hand corner. Or better yet, read on anyway...]

Friday, after Jessica 'delivered' (I love that word) the news, we were talking about church. I commented about some of the people that are there whenever the doors are open. (no names, not a gossip session - just opinions) Yes, we do need those dedicated people to keep things in order. But, (and again, I'm not judging) that's not what it's about folks! Remember the Great Commission? Did Jesus spend his every waking hour inside a synagogue? No! He went out! Out to where they needed HIM!

I am being judged. I don't know by whom, but I know it's happening. People know us. They look around at the small group gatherings and miss our faces. They have a BBQ and we're not there. They have the ladies lunch bunch. I made one. Men do a Saturday breakfast. I don't think Hubby's ever been. We've missed numerous prayer meetings and special events. I'm not saying we never go to them. We do. Some. Want to know the most horrible thing about me? I've skipped church because of reasons other than death. I KNOW!

Yes, Jesus clearly directs us to gather together. It is important to strengthen our faith. Our church family upholds us. They pray with us. They are so very important to me. It is hard to grow our faith in the world without a strong bond with our Christian sisters and brothers. 'Nuff said.

Pastor's sermon today said it all. He reminded us that, yeah it's great to come here, but that's not what it's all about. We come to be equipped... to go. On the Day of Pentecost, the followers waited. The Spirit came and filled them, giving them the ability to speak in all the tongues of the people gathered in the city. Not to communicate with each other, but to go out.

Now, I'm not bragging that I'm this 'pounding on doors, bringing people to the Lord' person. Far from it. I fall miserably short. I've missed many opportunities to witness about what God has done for me. But I've shared a lot. When I was a MySpace addict, many of my posts shared how God was moving in my life.

Our church purpose: "To turn people into passionate followers of Christ" Pastor reminded us this morning that we can't do that sitting in the sanctuary. And Pastor, if you're reading... "HONK, HONK!"