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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Living a Life on Hold

As we continue as caretakers for my dad, my husband and I try to find time to be together making memories in our new home on the river. Since Dad has improved enough to be alone at night (and he goes to bed around 7), we often spend our little chunk of time relaxing on our screened porch or on the clubhouse deck overlooking the river. Last night, we took a little ride on the golf cart around the corner to the public boat ramp. 

The moon was bright, giving a hue of violet above the treetops, and the lights from the marina restaurant shown across the river to the wild lands on the other side. The Spanish moss dripping from the cypress tree added a perfect frame to the view.

As much as I loved our views on the farm, I love this one more. I've always been drawn to the water and have loved this river since I first water-skied on it as a kid in the early seventies.

Now that I can share this amazing river with the love of my life, I have a whole new appreciation for the peace and beauty here. 

Our life is in a holding pattern as we fulfill our caretaker rolls. But someday soon, we will spend our days exploring the river by boat, making new memories as we memorize the shoreline of our own paradise.

Have you ever had to put your life “on hold” for a situation? What was it? How did it affect your relationships?