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Saturday, January 28, 2017

FaceBook friends, what have you become?

Unfollowing more and more friends due to their hate speech. Btw...when I say hate speech, I am not speaking of voicing your opinion. I am not speaking of a disagreement on issues. Anyone that knows me, knows that I very much appreciate your right to be heard.

I am speaking of lumping people together in groups to bash. Be they democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, atheists, gays, blacks, Mexicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims... What breaks my heart the most? My friends who are "inclusive" and "loving everybody", daily (hourly) posting hate messages. Does it accomplish anything? How do you reconcile this with your peace-loving hearts? Do you not see what you are becoming? How will we ever be united again?

While I'm venting, is what "The Donald" said any different than your "Walmart People" posts? I see so many memes making fun of others. Y'all laugh and share. But let a shallow celebrity murmur anything similar, and you're all up in arms! Get real!

And speaking of celebrities, how does a woman who gets rich by acting like a slut on stage become a voice for respecting women? Really? And who among us doesn't think that some women would allow rich and powerful men to degrade them? Isn't this the same generation that threw their underwear at rock stars? The same nation that sent 50 Shades of Gray to the best-seller list?

And when you're bashing those rich politicians, include the Dems. Yep, even Bernie is way above my budget. But you buy into it and allow it to divide your families and your friendships.

At least it doesn't take as long to scroll.