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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bengal Barn Revisited

Well, here it is!  Remember back in the middle of
November when I posted 1-2-3 First Down?
This is the infamous Bengal Barn where it all takes place...

This past Sunday we went there to watch the Battle of Ohio.  Mr J, his son and I are the only Browns fans there.  There is one Steelers fan that is married to a Bengal fan.  In the corner is a big screen topped by a smaller TV.  There are other smaller screens lined up on both sides, plus one by the food area.  You never have to miss a play.  You can even see one screen from the bathroom!

The facilities are somewhat primitive... Notice the urinal on the right?  The TP holder matches the arms on the throne.  Bengal stripes are everywhere!  Check out the bar stools...

The half time baby shower was going on, so the main corner cleared out.  Notice the front row seating?  Yep, airline seats.  There's another set behind the bar.  I'm surprised they haven't yet been reupholstered in Cincinnati colors.

Aside from the creature comforts, it's a lot like a tailgate party!  There's always lots of hot food, salads, snacks and desserts.  (My step-son is the tall guy in the only Browns jersey, as if his height didn't make him stand out enough.) 

Here is a great view of the main TV area...

Hope you're enlarging some of these to check out all the Bengal paraphernalia on display.  See the Bengals onesie hanging to the right of the white cabinets in this next shot?
My DIL's mom has had it hanging there, waiting until the day DIL had a baby to put it on.  Since she's due in January, she gets to take it as soon as the season is over.  However, once Brady outgrows it, it goes back on the wall!

Here's a good shot of pregnant DIL and the airliner seats....

As I mentioned earlier, there was a baby shower during half time... a Bengal baby shower!  Despite how much it hurt, the group also respected Daddy's team.  Here are some throws they made for Daddy and Mommy's cuddle time with Brady...

Daddy's throw is folded up here.  They made it 7' long for him!

I wonder how Mommy and Daddy are going to decide what Brady wears...

Of course, babies need lots of blankies...

They apparently didn't want to buy any more Cleveland Browns material and went with a generic fabric in the Cleveland colors.  They also made little hats in these patterns.

I have to admit...  it was the most fun I've ever had at a baby shower!  But hey, shove the gifts back in the bags... the third quarter is starting!   Uhhhh.... 1 - 2 - 3 FIRST DOWN!

(Note:  Mommy has definitely ruled out Quinn as a middle name!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

1-2-3-First Down!

And today I didn't have my camera.  After a wonderful church service and getting our animals tended, Mr J and I headed to the Bengal Barn.  Mr J's been there many times, but it was a first for me...

DIL and her mom are die-hard Bengal fans.  DIL's mom and dad hang with friends to watch the Sunday Bengals game in a small barn.  It started long ago when a couple of friends grew too rowdy to remain indoors during the games.  The barn had a gravel floor and a tiny TV set.  They stood on a rubber mat, huddled together in the cold, to root for their beloved Bengals.  The barn's come a long way since then...

It's easy to spot as you drive down the country road.  It's the small barn with lots of cars parked outside, and in the doorway is a Bengals canopy marking the entrance into the world of Who Dey!   If you don't like orange and black tiger stripes, close your eyes before entering.  I don't know whether to liken it to a museum or a shrine.  Bengals paraphernalia lines the walls and hangs from the ceiling.  Everywhere you look.  There's even a Bengals onesie hanging on the wall, waiting for Brady to arrive.  Once he's outgrown it, I'm told it goes back on the wall.  A bright Bengals-orange tablecloth is piled with scrumptious dishes.  Behind the black curtain is a potty chair with Bengal striped handrails and, of course, a Bengal striped TP holder!

Mr J is a Brown's fan, as is his son.  It never bothered Mr J to be a Dawg surrounded by Bengals.  However, I was told today that his son stayed 'in the closet' for two years in this crowd!

Even though the majority of the decor was orange and black, the barn itself was mostly green.  Seems most of the items inside were donated or re-purposed.  The headboard of an old water-bed was painted black and now adorns the front of the bar.  The bar is trimmed in orange.  Shortly after I arrived, I was handed a Sharpie and told to sign.  Tradition has it that the first visit is marked by signing the orange trim on the bar.  Mr J had written "Go Browns" on his first visit.  It appears to have been accidentally washed off.

The cheering crowd brought back warm memories of my armchair quarterback days.  And every time the Bengals made a first down, the crowd erupted with, "One, two, three... FIRST DOWN!"