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the RV

The Mr lost some friends.
That's when it started.
He began to think about
the things he wanted to do
while he still had time 
to do them.

He wanted to travel.
So in August of 2014,
we bought this.

We knew it was only a matter of time before we would sell the farm.

It was a lot of work and $$$.

Traveling would be difficult with the responsibility of maintaining seventeen acres and a house.

We took some short trips in our home state of Ohio.

We got a house & varmint sitter, and took a month-long trip to Florida.

One day, someone asks us 
to sell them our farm. 

We said yes.

I'm really glad Ray decided to buy an RV. Otherwise, we'd be homeless right now.
But here we are--living in this thing until it's time to move into our next "permanent" home.
We're hoping for early April.

I'm sure this place will grow smaller as the winter grows long.
But for now, I'm enjoying the sunshine and freedom!

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