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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This, That, This Again

When we first bought the 5th wheel, (I wrote about it here) we had so many plans and dreams. We were ready to go places!

Sometimes life throws a curve ball when you least expect it. 

We sold the 5th wheel (you can read about that here) and settled into our new normal taking care of Dad.

Yes, he's still with us. Still under hospice care. And between Dad and his eighteen-hundred-and-something house, it's a race to the finish. Yes, the house is living its last days too.

But we're starting to dream again . . .

Last year was a rough year for my closest cousin. (I say that even though we hadn't seen each other in decades until a month ago.) She lost her husband to cancer. After being surrounded by all the memories, she finally had enough. She decided it was time for a change. She sold all their possessions and bought an RV. Sound familiar?

I'm so proud of her. Alone except for her 10-yr-old furry sidekick, she has been traveling a little and visiting family in the home state. Ready to escape winter, she booked six months in an RV park here on the river, around the corner from us.

And now I've fallen in love. 

With her RV. 

It's a small class-C motorhome. Not the one pictured here, but similar. Not one we would live in for six months while building a new house. But one we could easily park in a driveway of someone we love. And miss. Easily one we could travel in for short trips of two or three weeks. Maybe a month. One we could easily drive to Ohio to visit our grandkids.

It's not on our agenda for this month. But it's on our radar. I've got a feeling about this.

Have you ever done a do-over? What did you change the second time around?

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