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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blahwg's Give-Away!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  It humbles me to think that God chose to come and live among us, experiencing life the way we do. 

Here is how I spent Christmas day...

Might as well show you how Maggie Mae, 
Sadie and I spent the day after Christmas...

Well, you've waited long enough... I'm ready to hold my contest.  What a great way to start a new year!  Just in case you didn't get all you wanted, I've got some gifts for you...

Everyone needs a little pampering.  And if you're all stocked  up on this stuff, the card is also honored at The White Barn  Candle Co.  You'll definitely be able to get rid of the barnyard smell!

I know lots of you got e-readers for Christmas. (My daughter got a Nook Color!)  Others got some good 0ld-fashioned actual books.  If you didn't get enough, or didn't get the ones you wanted, well, here's your chance.  This card is good at Borders, Waldenbooks, and Brentano's.
I'm also including a little something from the farm.  (I like surprises, so I'm keeping that secret for now.)

Here's the best part...  you can enter more than once, and YOU determine the prize package!  This contest is also going on at my other blog.  I couldn't decide whether to award the bookstore gift card there, and the other one here, or to have one winner get everything.   That's where you come in...

On the entry form below, you get to vote whether the contest is a combined prize package with one winner, or two separate prizes with one winner from each blog.  So what will it be?  Double the odds, or double the prize?


Anonymous said...

Its great to receive book cards for Christmas. Have a great New YEar!

SquirrelQueen said...

Fun contest Lily, gift cards are always favorites.

You mentioned problems posting a comment on my one blog. I have problems on some blogs too, I think it has to do with the browser on some pages.

Happy New Year!

Marla said...

However you choose to do the giveaway is great. What a fun idea. Happy New Year my friend.

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Lily,
I resubmitted the form, hopefully this one will show up on your spreadsheet!

Lille Diane said...

Hey, Sissy! I couldn't view the entire form...so I don't know if this will count or not? I think 2 prizes would be sweet. More fun for more peeps that way.

I answered on the survey (was only able to see 2 questions...) about more animal videos YES! or more farm stories YES!

Love you!! <3

Shellbelle said...

I love all your farm posts, always interesting and love the animals. I miss the BIG eggs!

I got lost for a while here while I explored Pastor Ryan's vlog, the Family Tree site, which led me to the 4Kids of South Florida page and ultimately to the foster care/adoption site for our local county. A close friend of mine and her husband just recently decided they want to adopt an older child after being unsuccessful at having one of their own. I'm going to pass all of this information on to her, I know she will be even more inspired by the actions of Pastor Ryan and learning more about the "aging out" process and what happens to so many of these children.

Thank you for sharing Pastor Ryan's efforts and for making me look to my own community for opportunities to help.

Lynn said...

Don't know why I did not see this when you first posted; however, I'm getting my name in under the January 28 wire. :D

I enjoy all your "stuff."