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Friday, March 26, 2010

Did someone say drawing?

No, not that kind of drawing!

It's this kind of drawing!

Be sure to stay tuned.

You'll want to get your name in here...

for this..

I'm still working on the details, but...  

I'm celebrating that 
I finished the task of combining 
Essays & Blahwg!
And I'm celebrating  my recent anniversaries...
One Year at Blogger
My 100th Post
My 400th Post

I'm so geared up that I think I'll even feature the contest on my writer's blog!

Tell me what you think...

I'm going to come up with a new title graphic, or at least a tweaked one.
I'm thinking of a collage title pic... maybe showing all the different critters and the farm.  Or maybe change the title pic on a regular basis, spotlighting different areas of my farm  and non-farm life.  Or perhaps go with an aerial view of my little chunk of Heaven.

What kind of title do you think would best fit my newly combined blog?


DJan said...

How about a collage? Something with the farm and the nonfarm stuff in it. I also send you congratulations on all the combining and anniversaries you are enjoying!

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a fun thing to do!

I'm thinkin' I like the aerial view idea although changing the the title pic is a fun thing to do too. Whatever you decide I know it will be great.

Sharon McPherson said...

I really like how both blogs have developed: your writers blog and Blawg. Are you still keeping those two seperate??? Agg I'm confused. I think both blogs have a distinct feel. Blawg, especially now very exciting!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your blog milestones ... xxx

Sharon McPherson said...

Lillian: Had chance now to navigate and read your new Blawg. I have got to commend you, what a marvelous job in writing all of your catagories. Thankgoodness Blogger came up with the 'pages' widget. Superb!!!

I love your farm and all those who live on it - your family are adorable!!!

Long, long may your blog last :) xx

CrazyCris said...

I love the horses, but a collage would be a fun idea, go for it! :o)

Joy Tilton said...

Visiting from Olivia and me...you have a great blawg and I'm gonna be knocking on your door every day, glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

Lily.. you wee blawgin' fool.. heehee.. Eggciting new look is in store for you.. I can see it now!!

Do what you feel is right.. you can always tweak it later on. But I love the 'farm' photos and other adventures you've done.

with love,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I think DJan's idea is brilliant!!! A collage would be perfect!! So excited for you! Congratulations! Much love, Janine XO

SquirrelQueen said...

I like the idea of the collage too but I know whatever you decide on will be great. I looked back at your first post and we started blogging at almost the same time.

Congrats on the upcoming milestones.

Marla said...

Anything with critters is good.