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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Click to Give

I've written before about how easy it can be to make a difference.  There are opportunities everywhere for volunteering.  You can give forty hours a week or five minutes a year.  It's up to you.

There's an office supply store that has TV commercials featuring an easy button.  We all wish our lives had an easy button.  Well, here's one for you:
You'll find these easy buttons in a variety of colors.  There's a melon-colored button that feeds the hungry, a pink one that pays for mammograms for women that can't afford them, a salmon button that buys books for literacy programs, a green one that protects rain-forests, a purple button to help feed shelter animals, and this blue button that provides free medical care for children.

Clicking any of these links will take you to the Click to Give site.  Each of the above causes has a tab that will take you to that particular easy button.

On each tab is also an explanation of where the money goes.  Money?  What money?  Didn't I say it was free?

On each page there are sponsors that donate to that charity an amount decided by the number of clicks the site gets... hence, click to give.  Plus, if you care to go a step further, there are items for sale that help support the cause.  Maybe you lost a relative to breast cancer.  Buy a pink-ribbon T-shirt, or these awesome boots...
and a chunk of change goes for mammograms.

How about I make it even easier?  You know how you can have multiple tabs open?
Well, you can have multiple tabs set for your home page.  That means every time you click that little icon to open your mail or surf the internet, you can also have the Click to Give site pop-up at the same time on another tab!  You don't have to go look for it in your favorites, or type in the URL.  It's just there!  Now, how easy is that?  Then, in less than a minute, every day you can help out up to six charitable causes.

Now, if you're a computer whiz, just skip this part.  But if you don't know how to set up multiple tabs for your home pages, here are step-by-step instructions:

I use the Mozilla Firefox browser, so if yours looks a bit different don't sweat it.  Here's what mine looks like:

When I click on Tools, this drop-down box appears.  At the bottom, it says, "Options..."  When I click there, I get a window that looks like this:

On the general page, see the box that says, "Startup"?  It displays the URL of your set home page.  Under it is a button that says, "Use Current Pages."  Whatever tabs you have open at the time you click this button, will be set as your home pages.  So if you go to your normal home page and open another tab for the Click to Give site, and then follow these steps, you can spend less than a minute a day supporting these causes.

A friend forwarded an e-mail to me yesterday that stated the animal site was in desperate need of clickers...  I don't know when that one started, or if it's even true.  I'm pretty sure they can use all the help they can get.  By setting the site to open with my home page, I will remember to click.
So are you willing to spend less than one minute a day to feed a hungry person?   or help someone to read?

Disclosure:  I have no affiliation with the Click to Give site...  Just sounds like a good idea to me.


SquirrelQueen said...

Good information and a great idea, I'll give it a look.

Sandy said...

What cute pink boots.

I'll check the site out, it's a good idea, but I've read some warnings that sometimes these sites aren't what they claim to be and can cause computer problems due to viruses. How do we know they're legit? I want to help, love to help; but am a little unsure how it all works.


Sandy said...

Lily, thanks for the follow up on the clicky thing, helps to know you've been involved awhile. I need to figure out how and where to add it.

I added the map to my travel blog, but it's rather large and so right now is clear at the bottom. I couldn't put it in the side bar, it didn't resize to space available like I thought it would, and like many things do. Will need to look at it and play a bit longer perhaps.

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