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Monday, January 11, 2010

Life Away from the Farm

Yeah, I've been MIA.  Of course, the holidays were an obstacle, but I've had a lot on my mind.  Click HERE to find out what's been getting my attention.


Nancy said...

CONGRATULATIONS, LILLY! I am so happy your little guy was born healthy to obviously beautiful parents. Blessings abound.

Love that great big egg!

Jan Mader said...

Congratulations indeed! Looks like you'll be having more fun than ever with the beautiful little guy!

DJan said...

I commented over at the other blog, but I did want to add that you are so blessed, and more than that, you deserve it! Glad this all turned out all right.

AL said...

Congratulations Lily such a beautiful blessing from the heaven! I read the blog but I commented here also to say thanks for your thoughts and prayers over Father. He is doing okay, but not really, he needs a lot of follow up consultations. Anyway congratulations again!


CrazyCris said...

Now that's a wonderful excuse to being away from the blog, CONRGATULATIONS!!!