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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas on the Farm

Better late than never...  Thought I'd share some of my Christmas preparations and sights with you.

While digging through some boxes in the basement, I found these old poinsettia and holly sprigs.  Since this grapevine tree gets so much weather, I figured they'd be durable enough to dress it up for Christmas.


This love-seat rocker faces the drive, so I decided hanging the wreath on it would brighten this corner of the porch.

We have decided that this tree we planted last year will be our official outdoor Christmas tree.  It's a bit bigger than the one I had lights on before, so new lights are on the list for next year.
Of course, Sadie always has to supervise Mr J's projects, but she's not alone today.

Even the shrubs are dressed up for the holidays!
I love my fiber-optic tree... no ornaments.  I just plug it in and enjoy the colors.  And I can see the outdoor tree through the window.

Mr J's lodge has an annual Christmas party with Santa.  Grands #1 and #2 are too old for this kind of stuff, but #3 and #4 love it!
And they still love camping out in the living room!

The older girls love exploring the woods.  I think they made the mistake of letting Sadie lead the way and came out in a big mess of hedge apple trees... OUCH!

...and no gate!  Luckily Mr J keeps a wide path cut all along the fences.

Even though we didn't have a white Christmas, the days following were spotted with snow showers.  Here's one we drove into taking the grands home.  I took this because it drives Mr J crazy when I pull out the camera in the car!

I agree with Dorothy... There's no place like home.  I love our driveway at night.  I'm always looking for the deer in the headlights.

The snow seems to be getting deeper as we get closer to the creek.  I can tell we're getting close to the house...
I can see the little Christmas tree.  And since we've no place to go...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Marla said...

Wonderful post, Lily. Your grandbabies are beautiful!

Rae said...

Great photos. Your decorations were nicely done. Sadie looks so much like Piper. If she had a collar on they would be twins. Brrr. Snow and cold. I am tired of it already.

Shellbelle said...

You decorations are lovely, the goats watching Mr. J are so cute, but the grands sleeping in the living room tent are adorable. Tuckered out from having so much fun on the farm!

Glad to see you didn't get those huge snow storms I've seen on TV. Even this old beach gal could handle the snow on your drive, lol.

Naqvee said...

wow. it all looks so cute.. specially the camping snap is just so b'ful. is it still snowing there?

Lynn said...

Delightful walk through your Christmas, the grands adorable, and snow. :D

Oklahoma Granny said...

The wreath on your loveseat is outstandingly cute! Can I borrow that idea for next year?