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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yummy Eggsplanation

Thanks to the digital camera era, I can take as many pictures as I want to make sure I get a good shot...

...that is, when I remember.

Do you remember my tiny egg?

I promised pictures when I cracked it open. 
I decided to have eggs for lunch today.
I didn't expect a yolk, but it had a teeny bit of yellow inside.

It actually looks bigger in the skillet than I thought it would; although it is just a 6" skillet.
The other egg was twins.  I love double-yolks!

Yeah, I know it's a lot of butter.  Doesn't the little one at the top look cute? 
Well, not as cute as a baby chick, perhaps... but still kinda cute.

OK, I promised you an eggsplanation.  To make a short story long...

We had four hens to start with.  Once they started laying we had four eggs everyday.  Then we got the babies.  (Check some of my April/May posts.)  This fall, they began laying.  But we only get around thirty eggs a day, with almost fifty hens.  I thought maybe lots weren't laying daily, but intermittently.

A friend was over last night and offered his theory.  Some of our hens probably hadn't started laying yet, and this was most likely a first egg for one of them.  He hadn't seen one quite that small, but said that a lot of times the first egg will be a lot smaller than the others.  That's a relief!  If they all started laying these Cadbury sized eggs, Mr J would starve!


Grandma Nina said...

Lily, I love this cute little egg. I love anything little and cute. I would probably purposely buy these if I ever saw them for sale.

DJan said...

Lily, it's not buttered toast unless it's buttered like this. I applaud you! And I have to say yes, it's so cute, that little guy, but the color of your yolks and what I get in the store, even the very most expensive, is amazingly different. I want some eggs like these!!

AL said...

Ha! As long as it's organic, size doesn't matter. 30 eggs a day, migosh! I could made a lot of caramel flan, a bucket full of egg spread, and lots of boiled eggs for our breakfast. Lily, we are egg eaters LOL, breakfast wouldn't be complete if there's no eggs around, it's either fried, boiled, scrambled etc. Lucky for you to harvest lots of eggs everyday.

Egg spread recipe:

3 boiled eggs
2-3 tbsps. of mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste
Pickle relish (optional)

Mash boiled eggs and mix it with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper. That's it. Enjoy it with crust or sliced bread.


Rae said...

Yummy. Looks like a good lunch to me. I am still amazed at the color of those yolks. Why are farm fresh eggs such a richer color? That little egg was too cute to cook but I guess you couldn't save it.

Marla said...

Not only that, but sometimes the first egg will have a really soft shell and be oddly shaped. Chickens are so much fun ....other than the stink and mess and pecking and ....

Nancy said...

What a cute tiny egg! I have never seen one so small. I hope it was as tasty as the others look - yum - especially cooked in butter. Hmmm maybe breakfast for dinner tonight...

chicamom85 said...

I bet that was delicious. Thanks for the explanation. It would be interesting to have one bird laying just those tiny eggs, like quale eggs on the cooking shows. I don't imagine they fill you up much though.


SquirrelQueen said...

It is so cute. An egg is an egg size wise but farm fresh is always better tasting. Al's Egg Spread is my favorite way to eat eggs.

Lille Diane said...

LOL this is cute. I'm not sure if I could eat the small egg though... Not because it's small...well yes because it's small, and "unique"... I watched some friends fry up a chicken once that had a gimpy leg... The gimpy drumstick was half the size of the normal leg. I had to walk away from the stove LOL...squeamishness took over muh lil gimpy brain. LOL

BUT I would love to send you the pictures I took of the fabulous breakfast I made with the eggs you sent home with me when I was there last month.... They were THE BEST eggs I've ever had! EVER!