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Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy International Overalls Day!

Lille Diane at Woodstock Lily gave me the heads-up on this one...  What item of clothing deserves its own special day, if not overalls?  They are a part of our history in many ways; from farming to hippiedom, overalls have been there!
Ah, remember the seventies? 
Big, puffed sleeves?  Huge, pointy collars? 
Yeah, I was 19, and I was cool...

Oh, but NOT as cool as Mr J...

He still wears his overalls or, as we lovingly refer to them, 'bibs'.

I love the 'No Crack' feature!
Bibs span the generations. 
From old dudes like Mr J to babies, bibs are universal.

Bibs are appropriate for any occasion...
even greeting a new baby sister!

There's something about wearing bibs that just makes you happy!

They're great for playtime, too!

And team them with a peasant top...

What a fashion statement!
Nobody wears bibs like Lexi...

But don't compare yourself to her...
Just don those overalls and have a happy day!


Lille Diane said...

LILY!!!!! This is awesome!!!! OMGoodness! You look much younger than 19. =] Baby faced you are, Princess! I love Mr. J's pic, and the kid's. What a fun post! I am wearing mine as I type. You can post these in the facebook IOD page, too. And the IOD flickr page. I love you, gf! Thank you so much for participating! I know it meant a lot to Niels!

Anonymous said...

Great post Lily! That's how I remember you! LOL!
P.S. The kid pictures are positively adorable!

SquirrelQueen said...

That's a very cool group of overalls, the kids are all adorable in their bibs. I love the photo of you, I remember those puffy sleeves and pointy collars. Did we really dress like that? Very cool!

What a fun post.

Marla said...

Love this post!! I would never have made it through the '70s without my overalls.