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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tennessee Vacation Part V: The Final Chapter

Down the road from Norris Dan stands an old grist mill from the 1800s.

As if the mill wasn't picturesque enough on its own, the surroundings are serene.

Hidden among the trees on the right side of this picture is a paved path.  A woman passed by, jogging with her dog.  What a beautiful place to get your daily exercise!

Oh, what I would give to have this in my garden!

I once had a basement similar to this one!
But it didn't have this...

I admire the old craftsmanship.

 The water wheel is directly connected to the large wheel inside, which in turn is geared to the other wheels that drive the mill upstairs.

The corn is dumped into the feeder at the top.  I asked about how the farmers would get their grain up to the hopper.  The museum attendant didn't know.  I guess they had to carry it in sacks on their back, up the stone stairway into the top level of the mill.  Perhaps they had a rustic grain elevator?

Enlarge this photo for more information on the mill...

Of course, you know the wheel is water driven, but here is how the water is channel and controlled:

There are diverters at the top of the stream.  A determined amount of water is allowed to pass through to the wheel.  The rest is channeled directly to the stream below.

From the diverting system, it is carried to the wheel in a trough,

where the water is then dumped onto the top of the wheel.

Today, it would be a simple task to mount such a wheel.  Hubby and I could do it!  We'd just rent the proper equipment from the tool place.  I admire the quality of work they achieved without the modern equipment we take for granted.

I hope you have enjoyed traveling to Tennessee with me.


Rae said...

You got the most fantastic photos. That alone was worth the trip. This looks like a great place to visit. I like old structures with a history. Makes one think about all the people that have worked and been there before.

SquirrelQueen said...

That was a fun tour, I love the old grist mills. I remember visiting one that was a working mill, somewhere in North Georgia I think. I bought some of the corn meal and it made the best corn bread I have ever had.
Great photos, thanks for sharing.