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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Kitchen's Chicken Wall

When I was younger, I mainly decorated my home with themes.  Whatever I collected would be displayed and the accompanying decor would tie it all together.  I stifled my eclectic persona.  My rooms were beautiful, but lacked the personal touch I so love.  Family photos were restricted to the lovely antique frames on the side tables.

Whenever I was at a home decorated with kids school pictures, I thought it lacked aesthetic appeal.  I love looking at my friends and family's photos, but I never would have given them the "looks like a room from a magazine" award.

Now I surround myself with family heirlooms.  Most of the things in my decor have memories or loved ones linking them to me.  The paintings I bought at the starving artists sales now hang in my mother's apartment.  My awesome Rembrandt print has been passed to my daughter.  The pictures that decorate my walls come straight from the old family albums.  The nicknacks have been taken from drawers and basement shelves.

So have I given up on the 'magazine' decor?  Nope.  I still love the decorator look.  I've just discovered ways to merge the two.

When I designed this house, I had in mind to give it a farmhouse decor.  Since Hubby was planning on having his own chickens someday, I went looking through the family albums to see what might relate.

We don't know who this kid is.  Neither my FIL or MIL recognize him.  If you do, please let me know.  He is someone in the family or at least someone close enough to the family to have his photograph placed in the pages of the old family album. 

This next one is a picture of Hubby's grandparents.  My FIL's folks raised chickens.  I love this one because she looks like she's just posing.   Hubby and my FIL really look at lot like Grampa.

I knew the perfect spot for these pictures!  Actually, it was the perfect spot for three pictures...  I decided to reserve a spot for the future flock.

Here's how the spot looks today...  (enlarge this one to see the various items)

There are stories galore on that wall!  I added a new item last week.  See the wooden-handled whisk between the picture frames?  That came with a piece of pottery we bought on our trip last week to Gatlinburg.  You'll read more about that later on my Essays blog.  (Took Hubby forever to find it when he went to use his new pancake bowl!)

The potato masher gets the most use...  It was a wedding present to my in-laws over 60 years ago!   The spoon rest was always sitting on their stove in their old house.  It just was part of who they were when I met them.

I've always loved the print of the over-sized tea cups.  It's been in three different homes.  I made the matching frame.  Take a close look at it.  I'm quite proud of that one.  It's a perfect match for the wood in the picture.

Well, back to the chicken pics...  The picture on the right is just one I 'antiqued' to make it fit in.  It was merely a placeholder for Hubby's.  He finally put on his flannel shirt and bibs for me today.  It just didn't seem right to have a picture of him in an old concert T.  So now I finally have the third picture for the wall...

This is my beloved feeding his flock.   Worthy of the wall, don't you think?


DJan said...

Wow, that last picture fits in perfectly with the others. It definitely is a Chicken Wall, and a great one at that. I took a close look at the teacup frame and am in awe of what you managed to accomplish. Sorry I don't know who the little boy is, but you sure are giving me some good ideas for some posts!

Rae said...

I love the wall decor. You did an excellent job with the arrangement and the photos are the perfect accent. Pretty wall color too.

Martha Ann said...

Your photos are so lovely. I have no photos of my grandparents' farms and seeing yours made me wistful. Your wall looks great!

Martha Ann

SquirrelQueen said...

Those photos are great, perfect for your chicken theme and also great family memories. The little boy, though I can't help you either, is so cute. He isn't much bigger than the chickens.

AL said...

Of course the last photo is the best of them all! Lily you have good taste in decorating your lovely home. All things which are similar stays in one place, like what you did with the previous photos together with the heirlooms. A home should have a theme when you decorate it and should just did it right!

BTW good to see you again. I have missed your farm.


Shellbelle said...

Hi Lily, well as you can imagine, I'm running around catching up on all my favorite blogs after being sick for so long. Thank-you for all your sweet and funny comments while I was under the weather. I think it was the "oinkment" that put me on the road to recovery.

So much has been happening around the frm in my absence. First, I'm so happy to see Buddy is staying, I was crying in the first part of that post. Your hubby's sweet potato is amazing, as well as your chives! I put Tabasco peppers in vinegar to use on my collard greens.

Love that your neighbor can use an honor system and did you have ham with that green egg?

But, my favorite was this post. I love old family photos and how perfect is it to have chicken ones for the farm? I have a huge collage frame hanging in my dining room with pictures of my grandparents down to my granddaughter and sister's grandson. To fit here at the tiki hut, they are all photographs at the beach, of course! I love seeing them everyday, just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Well, this was a really long comment, but it's nice to be back with my blogging friends!

Thomas C B Chua said...

Very touched by your life - sublime and peaceful, away from the maddening crowd. You are having a share of heaven on earth ! Thanks for sharing.

Lille Diane said...

Yes it is a lovely photo wall in your kitchen....I SAW IT!!! WOOT And an even bigger yes, to your beloved's pic being worthy, too. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!