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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moonlight Ride

I told you about riding Nekoda and Buddy yesterday, but I didn't mention Maggie.  Do you think I could let the day end without taking her for a ride?  I'm sorry I have no pictures to show you.  Believe me... it's etched in my mind.

It was getting late when I finally brought the mares up from the front pasture.  I brought Maggie up last.  The sun had set, but there was still a bit of light coming from the western horizon.  I thought it was getting too dark, but decided to saddle her up anyway.  It was perfect!

Hubby had gone next door to sit around the fire with the neighbor guy.  I thought I'd ride Maggie over to visit, too.  Of course, Sadie had to tag along.

We rode in the long shadows down the lane.  After crossing the creek and turning toward the field between our houses, I looked up to behold the most magnificent October sky!  The background was deep slate gray, with a touch of gold trimming the black clouds.  The moon peeked out between the clouds in stripes.  It looked like a backdrop for an animated Halloween movie.

If only I had a helmet-cam...


Kim Kasch said...

I would love to have a helmet cam too for when I go caving.

chicamom85 said...

You tell the story so well, you don't need helmet cam, I can picture it in my mind and it is beautiful. I am glad Maggie got some special time with you.


SquirrelQueen said...

It sounds so beautiful, just you and Maggie together on the trail.

By the way the last paragraph would be great in a book!

TC said...

You can tell you are a born writer. I could "see" what you were trying to describe before I looked @ illustration. A helmet cam would have been nice but you captured it in words very well. And you are brave for riding around after dark!

Oklahoma Granny said...

You described it perfectly. I can see it in my mind's eye. Thanks for that visual.

AL said...

Hi Ms Lily, where are you? Oh well, hope you're okay wherever you are now. I will wait until your internet gets fixed.


Jan Mader said...

I can just picture your ride. It sounds like magic.

I'm glad your girls didn't make it to the road through their opened gate...grass is always a good stopper!