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Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Overalls Day!

Heads up everybody!  Join with me in honor of the most comfy, yet functional piece of clothing ever sewn!

Visit the bibfessor to learn more.  And be sure to catch my bib post on November 20!


TC said...

We buried my father in overalls. New good ones but overalls and a plaid shirt. My mother would have had a fit but she was gone so....it was truly appropriate. He did have suits and slacks and sport coats but he was most comfortable in overalls and boots.
I still have a pair from when they came into style what about 7 or 8 years ago? They are too small I'm sure.

DJan said...

Back when I was a hippie, I used to make overalls into long skirts. It was so comfy! This is all I can remember when I think of overall. I had no idea there was an overalls day...

AL said...

Oh yeah! I guess I'm included 'cos it says "International". Now I have to dig and look for my favorite overall jeans, I missed wearing that.