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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cold Hands - Warm Heart

I found a new blog to follow.  The subject is near and dear to me...  the plight of the homeless.  I think it's such a tragedy, especially in these times of boarded up homes, to have people living in cardboard boxes, or even less.  It breaks my heart to think of someone trying to sleep while they are freezing, wondering what danger may lurk just beyond the shadows.

Sandy blogs at the Bridge and Beyond Project. Here is the mission statement posted on her blog:

Our goal is to warm homeless by knitting and

  crocheting hats, mittens, and scarves for men

living under a bridge here in Central Ohio. 
We will also make hats, mittens, scarves 
appropriate for women and children who 
are cared for in 2 free clinics in the area.

Please check out her blog.  I know many of you knit and crochet.  What a wonderful gift to be able to give someone... the gift of warmth through the bitter winter weather. 

While I'm on the subject...  there is an organization near me that I would like to tell you about.  Target: Dayton! Ministries is a church located in downtown Dayton. The primary focus of the ministry is to reach the poor and homeless of Dayton, Ohio for Christ.

I first became aware of their ministry when the Target Choir performed at our church.  It was a very moving service.  Most of the choir members are the city's homeless, either currently or formerly.  It is quite humbling to hear a homeless person speak of the loving grace of God.

Our church is one of many that help support their ministry.  Many area churches take their turn at serving the meals provided there.  Each of Pastor Mark's services are followed by a meal.  The volunteers man the kitchen and serve the food, as well as clean up afterward.  Once the food and trash are cleared away, the volunteers are assigned cleaning task for the building.  It is amazing to watch Cindi organize the volunteer staff.

The Christmas season is right around the corner.  It is the time of year that people think strongly of charity.  If you're not already involved in some type of volunteer work, I urge you to do just one thing, one time.  It doesn't have to be grand.  Dip up some food at a soup kitchen.  Mail Sandy a knit hat.  Drop off a blanket to a shelter.  I've got a feeling you won't stop at one deed.  Once you realize that one person really can make a difference, I hope you share the knowledge with others.


Historical sites with charmine said...

Lily,this is sweet of you to share ,we should all help where ever we are-there's lots of homeless here too.I'm hoping folks will help keep these people warm this winter.

SquirrelQueen said...

Great post Lily, this sounds like a worthy cause. We have several programs here that are similar. I've done a lot of volunteer work through the years and it doesn't have to take a lot of time but it can make a difference in someone's life.

SANDY said...

I can tell you speak from the heart with the emotion in your post. Thank you for helping to spread the information about the cause.

I enjoyed reading about your church's project as well. That's not too far from here. So I know we share the same cold wet weather that's so hard on those without protection, without a roof over their heads.

Could you provide me with a link that I could add to my blog? It never hurts to let as many people know there are needs.

A huge thank you for the lovely post, and for adding my badge. Truly this is appreciated.

If I can grow the group, my hope is down the line to help other's as well. That's the beyond part.


Leave a Legacy said...

Hi Lily,
I haven't been on Blogger for a while and I missed everyone. This sounds like a wonderful project. It motivates me to look for a similar cause around here that I can donate a lot of my scarves and hats to. It's a great idea and I've now got a new project for myself. I feel really good about it just in thinking of it. Thanks.

SANDY said...

I wanted to let the church know I posted the link, Lilly; but couldn't find an email or means of contact with them without making the long distance phone call.

I'm hopeful some of your readers will be able to help our cause; and or find things in their areas to. The problem is not just here in my area.