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Friday, August 21, 2009

A New Award for ME!

Rae, over at WeatherVane, has made my day! She was so sweet in honoring me with this Silver Shoe of Sincerity Award. I hope this doesn't sound boastful, but I am a sincere person. If I leave you a compliment on your writing, photography, humor, whatever... I truly mean it. One of the things I love most about being here in Blogville is all the sincere, caring folks I've found. I have made many new friends that I truly adore!

According to Rae: The award is given in recognition for sincere and positive blog interaction. The best part of the award is there are no rules. If I choose I can pass it on to someone else who is positive and sincere.

This award was created by Susan at A Walk In My Shoes. You can read about the award here. I really don't have adequate time right now to figure out which of my lovely fellow bloggers I'd like to pass it along to, so for now, I'm just going to savor the moment. Thank you Rae. You know I love you!


Historical sites with charmine said...

You are sincere and always find time to visit and let us know you were here.CONGRATULATIONS!We all have followers but only a few interact.Thank you for your loyalty.

Naqvee said...

hey what's written above is so true.. getting traffic is not what a true blooger wants, we need interaction and thats why we blog. you have alawys been so NICE... visited me and shared what you wanted to.. you actually deserve it.. Congratzzzzzz