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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geriatric Strippers

Come on... Tell me the truth... Did you click on this post because of the title? You sick puppy! I'm not here to talk about senior citizens performing a pole dance. No, think more 'Granny sitting around in the too-thin nightgown'. That's my mom. If you stop by her apartment anytime after five, she's sitting around in her night gown. I'm going to be her someday...

Remember when your kids were little and there was always at least one that you had to keep an eye on for fear of them stripping down in public? When one of my grands (won't mention any names here) was small, I didn't know she had any clothing besides panties. Mommy and Daddy could not keep her clothes on her! I'm not sure whether it was about restriction or temperature; but obviously she was more comfortable naked.

Most of us are not so comfortable naked, especially in public. As a matter of fact, we're quite comfortable in our clothes. Of course, when we have to dress up for special occasions, we often slip into something more comfortable when we get home. I've found that what I think to be comfortable changes through the years.

When I was in my thirties, as soon as I got home from work, off came the shoes! I've always been a barefoot girl. Even during my six-inch-heels days; at home I was barefoot. In the cold season, I'd slide on my favorite slippers. Comfy.

In my forties, came the bra... When I got home from work, I kicked off the shoes and took off my bra. I'd grab an nice cold glass of tea and plop down in my T-shirt and jeans. Ah... then I was comfortable.

Now, I'm in my fifties , retired, and living on this little farm. If you read my farm blog, you know my life is very casual. Dressed up is putting on something with sleeves. But I'm no longer comfortable sitting around in T-shirt and jeans. For one thing, I'm at that point in life where a T-shirt is just plain too hot! For another, jeans are no longer comfortable. Hard to imagine? I don't know why, but I'm just never really relaxed until I've slipped into my jammy pants. As a matter of fact, there are days that I don't get out of my jammy pants. My horses don't seem to care, so might as well be comfy.

Now, I'm not the person you see going to the grocery in their PJs... yet. But I am the person standing in the funky jammy pants beside the mailbox on that country road. I'm starting to get worried though... It seems I have a few pairs of jammy pants that just aren't that comfortable. Maybe I'll ask Mom where she gets those night gowns.


Ziggy Stardust said...

Honest to God, I was just going to go to bed and I saw the title and yes I did jump in here, just to see what mischief you might be up to. I love this post, I had to read it twice, I enjoyed it so much. My Mom had and still has the see through nighty, I can see her in it now. Comfy for me now, is sweat pants, t-shirt and bra only if I am going out. Since I hurt my back I don't go out much. I have always been a barefoot girl and still am. I love the jammy pants also. Now I know just in case I am on a trip to Ohio and I pass a lady in jammy pants getting her mail, I will stop and give you a hug.


Historical sites with charmine said...

Yes I came here to see old ladies do the pole dance....where are they??Hahaha! But that was catchy.

I think no matter how old we get or where we live we can still dressup in the evening and have tea on the porch.Have a great week.

Rae said...

I love this post and I love jammy pants. My neighbors see me in jammy pants more than anything else. I sit on my patio, water flowers, and go to the mailbox in my comfy lounge wear.

It is my right as a mature individual to be comfortable. After years of getting up at the crack of dawn and putting on a uniform to go to work, I relish the fact that I can get dressed when I want and if I want to lounge about in jammy pants I can do that also. No guilt here.

I think we should have a jammy party. Everyone can show off their favorite jammy pants.

Rae said...

As I sit here in my jammy pants, I am thinking of the most sincere positive person I know. One who has blessed my life by becoming my friend. Because of this I want to award her with the Silver Shoe of Sincerity award. That would be you MzzLily!!

Since it was too hard to pick just one, I have left the award for sincere readers of my blog to pick up. That being said I wanted to make sure that YOU especially received it. You are MOST deserving.

Anonymous said...

I love this post about jammy pants! I spend all my free time in them and if anyone comes to visit, I'm the one running into the bedroom to change as unexpected guests are coming down the driveway. After reading this blog, I guess it would be acceptable to just greet visitors at the door in them. lol

Leave a Legacy said...

Lily, I'm catching up on my blog reading and just read this. I can so relate. I wear short jammie pants in the summer, long ones in fall and spring, and long flannel ones in the winter. I'm to the point now that I search Walmart for the cutest jammie pants I can find so that I can take out the garbage, take the dogs outside or answer the door while looking kinda decent while staying comfortable. Heck, last week I even went with Hubby to get an ice cream cone while in my "cute" jammie pants. They must have been OK because he didn't really complain too much.