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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farmer's Market Challenge

My Farmer's Market

Squirrel Queen, over at The Road to Here, is hosting another Farmer's Market Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness for purchasing locally produced foods. Be it fruits, vegetables, dairy products or related items we want to know what's available where you live.

I've been under the weather again or I would have taken some photos from around my 'neighborhood'. I'm a country gal. We live on a mini-farm just outside of town. Up the road is a farm market. He grows peaches, strawberries and a lot of the usual fare... corn & tomatoes. There are lots of farms around here that sell their excess produce.

Here's a look at our usual bumper crops... These are bush beans (stringless!) and of course, my cucumbers. Hubby grows them just for me!

On some past posts, I showed pictures of our tomatoes. Heirloom Brandywine is my favorite! The cool weather we had here in July really hurt the tomato harvest. We also raised our own hens from day-old chicks to layer. The babies are just now starting to lay on a daily basis. We have over fifty hens. We sell our excess eggs, too!

Here is our typical set-up for when we have surplus to sell. Last year we sold bush beans, white half-runners, tomatoes, cucumbers, & corn. Notice the garden in the background. That's Hubby, a.k.a. Farmer Ray, under the 'big top'.

This is our raised bed where we grow our Tennessee Muskmelons. They grow oblong, like a watermelon. I'm fearing the weather has really taken a toll on the melons. I do hope a few mature on the vine.

We put 250 ears of corn in the freezer this past week. This year Hubby went back to growing my favorite... Golden Jubilee. It is the yummiest, most tender corn ever! I eat it right out of the garden.

For more on our farm fresh vegetables, check out my my other posts for a previous Farmer's Market Challenge: Part I and Part II ...or just scroll through all my posts and see the chicks grow!

Please visit Squirrel Queen's Farmer's Market Challenge to see other Farmer's Markets from everywhere. There are usually lots of participants posting pictures of fabulous markets from all over the world!


Joei said...

That's the nicest part in farming,
I love the vegetables your selling, can I buy?:-)
happy farming.


AL said...


One day I will post for this challenge with my own harvest from my future farm. You just wait. I envy you, with all those homegrown veggies and fruits.


Rae said...

Farming is certainly hard work and it takes a lot of dedication but the rewards sure are worth it. The vegetables look yummy.

DJan said...

I'm going to head down to the Farmers' Market today just in case there are some great pictures. Plus I am now addicted to Heirloom tomatoes and gotta get some more! Hope you're feeling better soon, Lily, you're on my mind.

Denise said...

Fantastic post and I love all the photos, so envy you for all those home grown veggies. I don't think I have ever met a vegetable that I didn't like. My Dad used to grow his own and I have great memories of going into the garden and harvesting what he grew. Hope you feel better soon.

Jan Mader said...

Once agian I'm hungry. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather buy produce than at a local market.

Feel better soon! Jan

Honeygo Beasley said...

How nice that hubby caters to your tastes with the cucumbers!

It was nice visiting with you on this Farmers' Market Challenge...

Lynn said...

First off, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling up to par.

The garden looks wonderful and those fresh eggs sound marvelous. Hubby loves corn like you do and plans to get some in the ground next year. I cannot believe the bean harvest!

Take care and God bless.

SquirrelQueen said...

There is nothing better than farm fresh except stepping outside your own backdoor and picking it as needed. It all looks yummy, I have got to try again with veggies next year.

Thanks for taking part in this month's challenge. I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you feel better very soon.

What do you think about the last Saturday in Sept for another market challenge?


charmine. said...

oh,How lucky you are to own a farm and eat your own veggies,i love that you like life far from the mean cities.

Do take a train trip,it is always fun no matter where.

charmine. said...

Look at my Engrish....er english!!mistakes...

Naqvee said...

wow.. lily ... the cucumbers are soooo fresh.... i can smell right from the screen... so nice.. i loved the oblong shaped melons.. but i have never tasted them.. have a happy week ahead.

Ebie said...

Hi Lily, you've got gorgeous vegetables especially the corn! Nothing beats anything farm fresh.
I joined too!
Ebie's Farmers Market

Mama Mel said...

No, I think your farmer's market is better than mine... It is your own! :) I would love to have my own farm! All I can do right now is grow a few herbs and veggies in my backyard planter. I have better luck with the herbs... it is just way too hot for the veggies, although I'm hoping my pumpkins turn out better. My hubby would LOVE to have some of that corn! He's a cornaholic! ;)

Jeanne said...

So glad you shared pictures of your produce fresh in the field. Love shots like that but am always careful not to tread on someones property. The weather here in New England caused trouble for crops here as well. ~Jeanne

chicamom85 said...

I always love seeing your farm and your wares. Thank you. How nice to have all those fresh veggies in the winter.


SquirrelQueen said...

I love seeing your garden. I haven't had any luck growing veggies where we are now. I think next spring I'll either do a raised bed or containers.

Thanks for posting on the challenge.


SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for joining in on this challenge. I love see all the goodies in your garden, my favorite photos are of that beautiful corn. I keep meaning to ask how the muskmelons did this year, I know you were concerned about them.

Thanks again,

Jeanne said...

Wonderful to see the other side of the farmstand. We've had difficult weather for crops in New England this year but enjoyed everything that was available. Wow all that corn is wonderful!