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Monday, August 17, 2009

Fair Weather Goats

I love the view from my bedroom... I have French doors that open to a balcony that looks out over the goat pasture and woods. I was watching the goats today as Oreo led the others out across the pasture and into the woods. Noticing the black clouds rolling in, I knew it wouldn't be long before they headed back to their house.

Sure enough, I glanced out only minutes later to watch them running like mad back towards their shelter. At first I thought something had scared them or 'Daddy' was home. Then I saw the spots on the deck wood. It had started raining.

I have to laugh at them. My horses love to stand out in the rain... Probably because the flies leave them alone and it's nice and cool. The goats don't seem to see those advantages. If it's too windy, they go inside! They will never stand out in the rain.

I remember the first snow fall we had after the we got the babies. They were born in the spring and had never seen the white stuff. That winter, they awoke one morning to find that someone had taken their pasture and replaced it with something strange.

We had six at the time. They all stood crammed together at the door analyzing the new thing. It took awhile, but finally one of them stuck their foot out to touch it. He jumped back! Wow! His foot went right through! It was cold too.

It probably took them three hours to finally trust the stuff enough to come out. Now they don't mind the snow once it's on the ground... Just don't let it drop on them!

A little side note... Every time I saw my blog's title picture, I felt guilty that my beloved Maggie wasn't in it. So today I spent a few minutes and made a new title pic with all three horses. It's not the greatest pose, but she can't feel jealous now.


Kim Kasch said...

Love the pic of the horses - beautiful babes :)

Thanks for the kind words on my blog too.

DJan said...

I always knew that goats are special animals. Now, through your blog, I feel I know some of them. They have such distinctive faces and personalities. Thanks for sharing your goats with me! I am grateful. And I like your new banner...

chicamom85 said...

I love the new header, I was so happy to see all three of the beautys to greet me. The goat story is funny, I would have never guessed that goats are funny about the weather. I hope you are feeling better.


AL said...

Hi Lilly,

I noticed your header, the clothesline are catchy! Seems like you're having fun with Oreo and company. My Oreo was having fun biting my shell curtains...naughty dog!Have a nice day.


MelRoXx said...

cute horses :)

Rae said...

Great post and I loved your goat story. I never knew goats were so fussy. That would have been fun to watch them with their first snow adventure.

Your new header is great. Hopefully this rain will cool things off so you can get outside and see your goats and horses from the other side of the window.

Lynn said...

The new header is GREAT! The goats sound to be a total delight to watch.

The snow experience reminded me of what happened with our range cows when we had an ice storm. Every place the cows put a hoof there was clack, clack; they got so upset they spent the day running the perimeter of the fence trying to get away from the clacky, clack. Range cows take shelter in the cedar; but by the next winter, we have a shed in place for them to escape to if the ground was covered in ice. :D

Mark Kreider said...

This post reminds me of a street cat we started feeding when we lived in Brooklyn. He was a tough male missing the last two joints of his tail and born without his right hind leg, had no visible ears left from fighting his way to the top of the pack in the neighborhood... name of Stumper. Now he was in his waning years and we took pity, building a two story kitty chalet complete with insulation, heat and a magnetic door. I cannot tell you how many identical looking cats were around but a kid said to Amy, "hey lady, your cat is mui macho"... however, ONE drop of rain and all the macho completely evaporated!! Thanks for evoking the memory.

TC said...

I like the header. Funny about the goats, I can see the kids and the snow. It's that way with puppies who have never seen snow too, it's like HUH???

Shellbelle said...

I just love dropping by the farm and catching up on what's going on. I love the new header with Maggie included and the goats won my heart.

I was in Lakeland, Florida with a girlfriend over the weekend. She is moving into her parents home now that her mom has gone to Texas to live with her sister. She grew up in this house and her brother lives next door. Now he has goats, adorable goats that I love to visit. I'm trying to get her to get some to keep everything neat and trim, but she won't have any of it. Instead she's going to pay someone $200 a month to keep it mowed. I think the goats would be much cuter and less noisy.

I love that your going to donate some of the eggs to the local food bank, kudos to you and the chickens for giving so freely!

And lastly, family quilts? They are a very good thing, I love mine.